Some of the company's products from the 1950s and 1960s

Sanders produced a wide range of electrical equipment, from switchgear of all kinds, to fuseboards, switches, cooker control units, and plugs and sockets. I have included a good selection of the many products produced by the company. Sanders' products were always well-rated and built to the highest standards.

Sandaspeed and Sandalite fuse units

The porcelain fuse units were introduced by the company in 1937 and were available with a rewireable, semi-closed carrier, or a carrier holding an H.R.C. cartridge fuse. There were three types. One for panel mounting, complete with mounting screws, another with front connections at both ends, and a third with a busbar connector at one end and a front connection at the other. Sandaspeed fuse units were rated at 500 volts whereas Sandalite fuse units were rated at 250 volts. Sanders purchased the ceramic bases and carriers, and made, and fitted the contacts and connections.

Sandaspeed fuse units.


Sanders produced a range of fuseboards using the company's fuse units. They were made of zinc-plated sheet steel, and finished in hammered grey stove-enamelled paint.

Sandalita fuseboards.


Sandasteel fuseboards.

Another Sandasteel fuseboard.


A Sandaline fuseboard with cast aluminium corners.


Sanders produced a range of 500 volt switchfuses which used Sandaspeed fuses. Like the fuseboards they were finished in the company's standard hammered grey stove enamel.

Sandamax switchfuses which had a soft grey iron case.


A Sandalux switchfuse.

Sandamo switchfuses and isolating switch.
On the left is a Sandaclad Isoearth switchfuse, and on the right is a Superior switchfuse.

The Sandacee A.C. switchfuse.

Sandacee 500 volt switchfuses and switches were available in single pole, two pole and three pole versions, rated at 20, 30, 60, or 100 amps. When the fuse cover is opened it automatically puts the switch in the off position.

A Sandaclad 800 amp heavy duty switchfuse with interlocked lid and operating mechanism.

A Sandaclad switch and component parts.

Sandalite switchfuses for 250 volt operation.
Changeover Switches

A Superior changeover switch rated at 500 volts.

A 500 volt Sandalux changeover switch.

There were two pole, three pole, and four pole versions rated at 20 amps or 30 amps.

Switchboards and accessories
Sanders' switchboards were built to individual customer's requirements. They were available in three forms:

Type 'A' in which the equipment is wholly or partially covered with flat steel panels.
Type 'B' consisting of an open framework carrying a busbar chamber.
Type'C' with an angle iron framework and busbar chambers.

A busbar chamber.

A type 'A' switchboard.

A type 'B' and a type 'C' switchboard.

Pressed cable sockets.

Sanders' range of glands and sealing chambers.
Switches and lampholder  
Toggle switches, micro break A.C. switches, and a lampholder.

A Sandasplit fused switch.

The Sandasplit fused switch with the cover removed.

Control Units
250 volt consumer units.
Sandella and Sandeena cooker control units.
Plugs and Sockets
13 amp switched and unswitched sockets.
Screened safety socket outlets, plugs and adaptors.

Two switched sockets, and one unswitched socket.

        Switched sockets.
Unbreakable and resilient rubber fused plugs.
               Fused clock connectors.

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