William & H. H. James Limited

The firm manufactured a range of garden tools and implements, kitchen tools, open fires, and a toy lawn mower for children.

The open barless 'Safe James' fires were produced in the 1940s and 1950s, and many patents were taken out by the company for a wide range of products.

In later years the garden tools and implements were sold under the 'Greenshires' and 'Rapid' trade names.

The firm owned Monmer Foundry Limited, also in St. Anne's Road, Willenhall. It was incorporated on 31st October, 1957, and taken over by Bill Switchgear in 1974.

In 1972 William & H. H. James Limited was taken over by Heenan, Beddow and Sturmey, constructional and general engineers, of Manchester and Willenhall.

August 1923 Improvements in coal tongs.
September 1927 Improvements in or relating to fastening stays for windows.
May 1931 Improvements in adjustable display stands.
December 1931 Improvements in bacon hooks.
October 1934 Improvements relating to icing syringes.
June 1936 Garden hoe.
June 1958 An improved lawn rake.
July 1934 Improvements in weeding forks, grubbers, and like hand tools for garden use.
March 1944 Improvements in means for launching aircraft.
October 1962 An improved prong like hand tool primarily for garden cultivation.
October 1963 An improved heating and/or ventilating apparatus for use in a building.
June 1964 Garden incinerators.
July 1964 Improvements relating to garden hoes and their manufacture.
April 1966 An improved garden incinerator.
May 1967 Improvements relating to horticultural cloches, and cold frames.
November 1970 Improvements relating to door mats.
May 1972 Improvements relating to wire mesh enclosures.

An advert from 1953.

The following illustrations are from a William & H. H. James catalogue, believed to be from 1938.

An advert from 1958.

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