To Dr. W. G. Grace

Thomas must have been an enthusiastic cricket fan because he sent a poem to an unknown newspaper on 14th June, 1895, about the remarkable success of Dr. W.G. Grace. In the Bratt family's collection is postcard from Dr. Grace thanking Thomas for his efforts:

           To Dr. W. G. Grace

The noble cause for Dr. Grace,
The British public will embrace,
For on the famous cricket field,
He's made the finest bowlers yield.

His mighty prowess it is known,
At cricket he stands out alone,
When at the wicket he appears,
He's greeted with tremendous cheers.

In distant lands across the seas,
His exploits foreigners they please,
His skilful batting they admire,
Which does their souls with zeal inspire.

And in his dear own native land,
He is admired on every hand,
From prince and peasant, and from peer,
He's oft received a hearty cheer.

And now to show their good intent,
They mean to raise a monument,
Unto a genius renowned,
The hero of the cricket ground.

Success, I hope will crown their aim,
Because it is a honest claim,
And here's three cheers for Dr. Grace,
The prince of all the cricket race.

Thomas Bratt,
Portobello, Wolverhampton.

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