The Prince of Wales Inn

The Prince of Wales Inn in Walsall Street, Portobello was run by Randle Hobley. In 1907 he became a member of Willenhall Urban District Council and was Mayor in 1924 to 1925. The following poem is Thomas's tribute to Randle and his pub.

        The Prince of Wales Inn

There is a man in Wylnal town
Who's risen up to great renown;
He brews some noted home brewed ales,
His pub is called the Prince of Wales.

He's living in his native place,
and is respected by his race.
To show that he has gained renown
They've made him the Mayor of Wylnal town.

Four men I saw drinking his beers,
Their ages o'er three hundred years.
His ales are brewed from malt and hops,
not chemicals and mangold tops.

This is the stuff to give 'em lads,
Like some they filled your poor old dads,
Which filled their weary hearts with cheer
While they were drinking home brewed beer.

Next Sunday morn he'll go to pray,
To wash the brewer's sins away,
And ask the commons if they will
Just pass for us a Pure Beer Bill.

You'll see the grand procession too,
The band will play for me and you,
And While its passing up and down,
You'll see the Chairman of the town.

Thomas Bratt, Portobello.

In 1928 Thomas wrote a poem to help Randle Hobley's campaign in the local council election. It was printed as a leaflet that was distributed to the local population.


Vote for HOBLEY.

No. 7 on the Ballot Paper.



I'm on the warpath once again, with Benny by my side.
I'm leaving it to you my friends, this puzzle to decide,
My friend he is a liberal, he's opposite to me,
And nearly all his arguments, they end in sophistry.
Four men I'd like to see returned, not one his duty shirks,
There's Hobley, Harper, Pinson, and, I think its Harry Perks,
There's Evans, Tildesley, and Mills, and George the Auctioneer,
They're men who understand the work, because they persevere.
These are the men who do their best to modernise the town,
Whose celebrated Locks and Keys have often gained renown.
At Christmas time they do their best to help the aged poor,
To keep the hungry wolves away from every workman's door,
I know one Candidate who is both honest and sincere,
He helps to keep the Prince of Wales, with his good, Home Brew'd Beer,
He's always willing to assist his fellow working man,
And if returned, he'll do for you the very best he can.
Some others, they will do their best, if they can just get in,
To help their fellow men along is surely not a sin,
Some will be disappointed, now, it always is the same,
But take my tip, be honest men, like Britons play the game,
And on our grand Election Day, be ready, Boys, be ready,
And when the polling has begun, be steady, Boys, be steady,
And when your going up to Poll, be sure you never stop,
'Till You've put RANDLE HOBLEY, Boys, right on the very top.

Right O!




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