Our Fallen 
Townsman's Farewell

This poem is about Albert Peter Morgan, who was killed shortly after his 22nd birthday in the battle of Driefontein. 12 others were killed in the battle and 302 were injured. It took place during the successful attack on Bloemfontein. Albert started his military career as a member of the South Stafford Militia and in 1899 he joined the 2nd East Kent Volunteers. His family lived at House 4, Court 1, Gomer Street, Willenhall. An article about Albert appeared in the April 1900 edition of Cartwright's Monthly Review and the magazine asked Thomas Bratt to write a poem, to be included in the magazine along with the article. The article concluded with Thomas's letter:

Dear Sir,

I beg to send you a few lines on the poor young man - Albert Peter Morgan who lost his life in fighting for his Queen and country.


Yours Truly

Thomas Bratt

Our fallen Townsman's Farewell 

Farewell my tender parents dear, 
Though I have passed away, 
Yet in that bright and better land 
I hope we'll meet some day. 

I fought and died for England's cause
Upon the battlefield, 
And only unto death itself 
Did I my courage yield. 

The comrades who fought by my side,
They fought as Britons do, 
They shed their blood for England's 
Queen Most gallantly and true. 

Farewell my sisters, brothers, too, 
And comrades every one, 
If lost this fight on earth, I hope 
A crown of life I've won.

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