To Victoria,
Our Queen

To Victoria, Our Queen, Empress of India, on completing Her Diamond Coronation Day.

‘Tis sixty years today, good Queen, since thy fair brow was crowned
Yet in each noble Briton’s heart true love for thee is found,
And many more in lands abroad, thy name they love and own,
And think they’re highly favoured, as supporters of thy throne.

The grandest statesman of our land have stood by thy side,
And in thy councils helped our Queen great matters to decide,
And in the famous laws they’ve made, great wisdom they have shown,
For each has tried his best to be most loyal to thy throne.

There’s Beaconsfield, and Gladstone too, they both gained great renown,
And were two of the brightest gems that e’er adorned thy crown,
They did their best for Britain’s cause, no one will e’er disown,
And neither was afraid to speak his mind for England’s throne.

Some of the greatest warriors that ever trod the earth
Have fought and bled for England’s crown, and shown what were worth
Such famous men as Wellington and Gordon thou hast known,
And others equally as brave have stood up for thy throne.

Some of the bravest admirals that ever crossed the sea,
Have stood up for thy great empire, to make it firm and free,
Brave Nelson’s gone, but Commerell and Beresford we own,
And other honest tars as brave help to sustain thy throne.

The humblest peasant in our land, and artisans as well,
Come forth to welcome our good Queen, no matter where they dwell,
And if our land should be assailed, thy cause we’ll ne’er disown,
But each will gird his armour on and still defend thy throne.

Science has made gigantic strides since thou began’st to reign,
And what a brilliant fleet thou hast upon the trackless main,
No other fleet beneath the sun such prodigies have shown,
And it is ready to preserve thy great historic throne.

I hope ‘twill ne’er be wanted, but let progress be our aim,
And may our God with peace and love surround thy loving name,
May happiness be ever thine, till God shall call His own
To live with Him, in paradise, round His eternal throne.

Long live our great and noble Queen, the Empress of the main,
And may she have good health and strength and many years to reign,
May God send down into her home comforts to her unknown,
And may He still with blessings crown Victoria and her throne.

Thomas Bratt

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