About the author: A note by Frank Sharman

The late Frank Spittle

The leading shooting journal, "Guns Review", when reviewing one of Frank Spittle’s books, wrote:

"Frank Spittle is something of a giant in the world of air rifle, small bore and match crossbow shooting. We do not believe that anyone could calculate just how much effort he has put into these sports. He is one of the those enormously energetic and hardworking organisers who manages to get things going where no one else did and does it without ruffling too many feathers".

Frank Spittle was born in Wolverhampton 1925 and educated at St Peter's Collegiate School. Wartime service was in the 52nd Mountain Division in North West Europe and Norway. He took up competitive full bore and small bore rifle shooting after the war and has been shooting ever since. A life member of the National Small Bore Rifle Association, he was responsible for the International Shooting Facilities at Aldersley Stadium, Wolverhampton which have been named The Frank Spittle Rifle Ranges. Frank was a founder member of the Wolverhampton Sports Advisory Council, Co-founder and President of the National Air Rifle and Pistol Association, and was responsible for the introduction of Field Target Shooting (O.S.S.) at the Hilton Equestrian Centre, Shareshill, Staffordshire. He was Founder and President of the British Match Crossbow Association now controlled by the N.S.R.A., Bisley; an International shooting juror; he was instrumental in the establishing of shooting for the disabled with the late Sir Ludwig Guttmann at Stoke Mandeville; and he was the founder of British bench rest shooting for air rifle and small bore rifle.

He was a member of the gun trade for twenty five years with his wife Brenda. His two sons Anthony and Andrew took over the running of the business of Frank Spittle Guns, Wolverhampton. He was still very much involved with the development of shooting sports at all levels, with particular interest of schools' participation. His main hobby was his museum of air rifles, small bore rifles and artefacts that trace the history and tell the story of the working and small business man’s role in competitive shooting over the last 100 years.

Frank Spittle passed away in April, 2010.

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