John Moreton and his wife Elizabeth became tenants of the Whitgreaves at Moseley Court about 1868. John had been born in Wolverhampton, son of another John Moreton of Dublin. In 1838 the younger John had established the business of Moreton and Langley, subsequently John Moreton and Co., Hardware merchants and Factors, in Horseley Fields. He married Elizabeth Hannah White of Dublin at St. Mary's Church in that city on June 3rd 1854. Of their five children, the deaths of four of them are recorded on a tablet on the east wall of the north chapel in Bushbury church. They maintained a house at 3 Sorrento Terrace, Dublin. Towards the end of his life John donated the marble pulpit and reading desk in Bushbury church. He died on November 19th 1879 and his wife on May 23rd 1904. Their surviving son, Loftus Balfour had been born in 1859. He was High Sheriff of Staffordshire in 1908. In 1891 he married Grace, daughter of Joseph Underhill Q.C. Their eldest son John Patrick was born in 1896. In the 1890s the family moved to Moseley Hall where they remained until the 1930s, taking an active part in the life of the parish. In 1982 Major J. P. Moreton, who had retired to Scotland, sent the then Rector of Bushbury, the Reverend John Mockford, a collection of papers relating to the history of the parish which has since been deposited at the Staffordshire Record Office.

The "Wulfrunian", November 1885. The School -A Short History by J. H. Marston p.142.: "John Moreton gave 'Moreton's Piece' during the erection of the New Buildings."
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