MEB at Major Street

Offices and Depot Buildings

Photos by Frank Sharman. Captions by Tom Larkin.

These photos of the MEB premises, which stand on the corner of Major Street and Dixon Street, to the south-east of Wolverhampton City Centre, were taken in August 2001.  By then the premises had been empty for some years.  The buildings were empty and forlorn, quite different from the bustle of activity which used to go on there.  You will have to imagine that bit for yourself!  If any one has any further information about these buildings, the people who worked there and what went on there, please get in touch with us.

If you approached the site from Wolverhampton, down Major Street, this is the first thing you would see, on your left hand side.  This is the depot building.
Next along was the main office block, where all the administrative work was carried out. The reception centre was just through the main doors at the top of the steps. This is the bit that members of the public would have been acquainted with.  (If you were in a wheel chair then, in those days, no one made provision for you).
This was the main entrance to the administration block, through which hundreds of employees would have gone daily and many members of the public. The post box was closed when the offices moved to Walsall but the depot continued to use a steel box, let into the railings to the left, through which internal mail was collected and delivered by Securicor.
Part of the depot:  on the left are the repair garages and at the back is the Works Control Office. In front of it the little hut is where the petrol pump was for the MEB vehicles.
Moving round the back now, and looking from Dixon Street, we see the back of the offices and, in front of them, the low building is the canteen. The grass at the front used to be the bowling green -  I think those who played on it would weep to see it now.
Behind the bowling green, on the left is Stores Reception. The right hand block is the depot General Office.  The blue double gates at the end of the General Office lead on to the cable yard.
These old buildings were on the site long before MEB arrived. They may well have been there before Midland Tar Distillers. MEB used them for storage for the maintenance section.
These buildings were probably just as old. They were used as a garage for small vehicles.

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