Early Photographic Studios
in Wolverhampton

Edward Hill.  Mr and Mrs Hill

Mr and Mrs. Hill give the address "Darlington Street" and Edward Hill gives the address "41 Darlington Street".  I take it that they are members of the same family working from the same studio.  Unfortunately these photos cannot be dated, so establishing a sequence is not possible.  But Laws (see later) describes himself as "Successor to E. Hill").

A young man and a young lady by the same photographer.

Another, well-posed, young lady.


Hobart & Co

Hobart & Co. give their address as Queen Street, Wolverhampton.

Holmes and Morris

This firm was at 44 Queen Street. Note the "artistic" design on the back of the photo, showing signs of the aesthetic movement style.

Carl Holt

Carl Holt had his "Photographic Art Studios" on Snow Hill.

Many thanks to Carl Green for these scans.

This is clearly the same studio backdrop and table.  It is very rare for two poses of the same sitter to survive.

Hudson & Co.  Sunderland and Hudson.   J. Sunderland.  F. Hudson & Co

The names and addresses given on these cards strongly suggested that these firms were connected in some way and clearly reflect a complex history. 

The best guess on present evidence is that F. Hudson started off with premises at 61 Darlington Street, then became Hudson & Co. and acquired premises at the Great Western Arcade, Birmingham. Later they added branches in Dudley and then Walsall.

Then we find Hudson and Co. ("late Sunderland & Hudson") at the Great Western Arcade and at 96 Darlington Street and at Walsall, Dudley and Coventry. 

Then we have a card of  J. Sunderland giving addresses in the Great Western Arcade, 53 Queen Street, Wolverhampton, and at Dudley, Leamington and Sheffield.

This may be the earliest manifestation of this firm. Hudson offers copies "painted in oils of water colours", suggesting that he was also an artist.

The addresses given on these cards are:

The Great Western Arcade Birmingham.
7 High Street, Walsall.
220 Market Place, Dudley.
96 Darlington Street, Wolverhampton.
6 Norfolk Row, Sheffield.
2 Stafford Street, Dudley.
53 Queen Street, Wolverhampton.
45 Bath Street, Leamington.

By the time this photograph was taken, photographic emulsion were more sensitive to light, so exposures were shorter, and poses looked more natural.

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