Early Photographic Studios
in Wolverhampton

A & G Taylor

Taylor's must have been one of the biggest chains of photographic studios. Some cards list two branches in London, 33 elsewhere in Britain and in 6 major cities of the USA. Their Wolverhampton branch was at Richmond Place, Penn Road. This later became the premises of J. F. Whitehouse (see below).

The Victoria Photo Co.

This firm was at 44 Waterloo Road South.

The carte de visite on the right was kindly supplied by Carl Green.

A. J. Webber

His address is 41 Darlington Street, an area in which there were several photographers.

This is possibly a newlywed couple.

The photograph on the right taken in 1901 is of Mr. J. H. Boulton who was the uncle of the late historian Jim Boulton.

W. White

White was at 21 Broad Street and at 251 Wolverhampton Road, Heath Town.  One's guess is that either he had two studios or that he was at Broad Street first, then Heath Town.

Judging by these two photos, White appears to have had a well equipped studio.  

A remarkable photo, taken in White's studio at 21 Broad Street. 

This photo (which is mounted on plain card and is not a carte de visite or cabinet photo) seems to show the same back cloth;  but the young lady's white summer dress has come out rather more successfully.

The stamp on the back indicates that White had had premises in Canal Street, which later became Broad Street.






J. F. Whitehouse

Whitehouse was at Richmond Place, Penn Road and describes his firm as being "late A & G Taylor".

The card back is in a very fashionable, Japanese influenced, aesthetic movement style.

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