To Wolverhampton


To the city I come from, to the place that I know
Where stands The Grand Theatre, as a small child I'd go
From the West Park on Guy Fawkes to the East Park in spring
To the Civic and old Wulfrun Halls where I'd sing
And I'd wander the market and enjoy Tettenhall Pool
I'd marvel the splendour of the old Royal School
I love the Art Gallery and I love Bantock Park
And the Church of St Peter's lit up in the dark
On Bushbury Hill where the Crem stands up high
I've looked at this town and kissed loved ones goodbye

I've read of our history, of old battle sites
That in Princes Square were the first traffic lights
And below and old Dovecote that's stood there a while
A buried capsule holds my thoughts as a child
From the Racecourse at Dunstall to the Molineux ground
The home of the Wanderers - the pride of this town
Our lost Good Year Tyre plant so known to us all
Where the iconic landmark was it's chimney stood tall

To Steelway, for Speedway, by railway they came
To where Dowty Boulton & Paul made their name
And imagine the history of Moseley Old Hall
And Boscobel House that have survived it all
But what of those places no longer existing?
The buildings though old not receiving a listing
The old Wholesale Market in the heart of the town,
The Elephant and Castle reduced to the ground

Chubb and Guy Motors and Josiah Parkes,
Marstons, John Thompsons, they've all played their part
The Manders, for coatings, became world renowed
The Banks's Beer Brewery's still standing there now
So 'Hantone' or 'Heantun' as we once were called
Saw cholera, Great Fires , the wool trade and all
In Bilston- The Greyhound and Punchbowl still stands
The old Stowheath Manor that looked at these lands

As a young girl I've read of the airports we had
I've walked the canals to the Basin with Dad,
Loved Christmas at Bradshaws so full of delight
And I've waved to our tramp on the Ring Road at night
Our own Wightwick Manor, our Express & Star
If you're a Wulfrunian - you know you are

So to Lady Wulfruna - our founder, our past
We're all Wolverhampton and our memories will last.

By Joanne Jervis (nee Mackin)     31st January, 2013

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