The Twenty Trees

The twenty trees was the name of a house and its grounds that stood in Neachell Lane opposite the entrance to Watery Lane. It was named after the row of trees that were in the back garden. The house was described as a lovely red-brick building and the trees, which were possibly oaks, stretched back to Strawberry Lane.

The twenty trees. From an old postcard.

          The Twenty Trees

In Neachell Lane, not far from here,
Once twenty trees did grow,
And underneath their branches fair
Brown Ale did freely flow,
And on the first Sunday in May,
Whilst Sabbath bells did ring,
The youths and maidens from around
Most joyously did sing.

And near these famous twenty trees
Once stood an ancient hall,
And cocks with colours bright and gay
Stood there upon the wall,
And in the lovely garden there,
Midst golden blossomed trees
One heard the warbling of the birds
Born on the gentle breeze.

And midst the bright green fields around
Were fields of golden corn,
And up high the skylark sang
His song at early morn,
And in the Gipsy Lane close by,
Well known to me and you,
Thousands of lovers spent their time,
Who’d nothing else to do.

But time has changed this lovely place
The trees are seventeen,
The hall has gone, and pit mounds deck
This once loved charming scene,
And some who frequented the spot
Have crossed o’er distant seas,
But even now, they think about
These famous twenty trees.

Thomas Bratt

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