In 1987, the School of Health Sciences, which had been formed in 1986, moved into the Old Post Office in Lichfield Street, and the old Valhalla pub. The buildings had been empty for several years and were completely refurbished. They provided ample office space; biomedical, physiology, and psychology laboratories; three lecture theatres; a dining room; and the Polytechnic's shop.

The first head of the section was psychologist, Bob Jamieson. In 1990 or 1991 he returned to his home country of Australia and taught psychology at the Bendigo Campus of La Trobe University. He retired in 2010 and became chairman of the Junortoun Community Action Group. Sadly he died on the 27th May, 2020.

The old post office in its early years.

The following photos were taken in 2001 when the School of Health Sciences had become part of the School of Applied Sciences, and the staff and laboratories were moving to main site.

The foyer with the main entrance on the right. The far door led to one of the lecture theatres.

Another view of the foyer. The doorway on the left led to the ground floor corridor and the lift.

The refreshment room. Light refreshments were served behind the hatch.

Another view of the refreshment room.


The staff staircase.


The first floor corridor, above the main staircase.

The first floor corridor leading to MV Block and the stairs.   In the other direction the corridor led to the lift and more offices.

Some of the staff offices further along the corridor which led to the staff staircase.

  The water dispenser and the stairs leading to the upper psychology lab.

Joyce Wilson at work.

Mel Porter-Turner at work in one of the laboratories.

Bev Parker in room MT 104. Courtesy of David Parsons.

Many people will remember Ken Harper, who was Laboratory Superintendent in the School of Health Sciences. Ken started at the University in 1993, having previously worked for Dudley Council. He had earlier worked for the Polytechnic at the Compton Park Campus. Ken lived with his 'close-knit' family at Coseley and had many interests including holiday cruises, photography, football, golf and Sunday lunchtime visits to Parkes Hall Social Club. Ken retired in 2010, but sadly began to suffer from a brain tumour a few years later. He died in November 2015 at the comparatively young age of 62.

Members of the School of Health Sciences staff.


Another view of the first floor corridor.


One of the offices, almost packed and ready to go.

Another nearly empty office.

Pat Martin at work just before the move began.

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