The following information and photos are from a copy of the Wolverhampton and Staffordshire College of Technology's prospectus of full-time courses, for 1958-59. It was kindly supplied by David Parsons.

The front cover.

The front of the college in Wulfruna Street.

Courses included the following:

The Diploma in Technology (Dip. Tech.), was of honours degree standard and introduced to exploit the distinctive contribution that technical colleges could make towards meeting the need for highly trained technologists. The Diploma was awarded at 1st Class Honours, 2nd Class Honours or Pass levels.

Diplomas in Technology were available as an advanced sandwich course in mechanical engineering, or an advanced course in production engineering. Both courses were of four years duration involving alternate periods of six months academic study in the college and six months specially designed and supervised training in industry.

There was also a production engineering course and a course leading to an Ordinary National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

Another option was a course leading to an Associateship of the Royal Institute of Chemistry (A.R.I.C.) covering inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry and physical chemistry. There was also a course leading to the London University intermediate degree examination in science and engineering; and a course leading to the intermediate examination of the Pharmaceutical Society (Inter. Pharmacy). GCE A-Level courses of two years duration were also on offer.

Other options included a course leading to a Certificate of Education in Arts, A-Level courses in English literature, history, French, geography, economics and German under the Northern Universities Joint Matriculation Board; a secretarial diploma course; housecraft and catering diploma courses; and a catering course.


College Staff

Principal: Robert Scott  

Department of Production Engineering and Management

Head of Department:

M. G. Page  

Senior Lecturers:

H. Matthews C. Tragen
Lecturers: D. J. Billau G. W. Butler
  Z. N. Formela J. McLeman
  G. A. Meynell E. E. Mitchell
  R. Sury T. E. Woods
Assistant Lecturers: B. A. Gay W. Hewitt


K. B. Horswill C. E. Perkins
  W. Vaughan M. Withers
Research Assistant: F. W. Wray  
Department of Electrical Engineering

Head of Department:

B. R. Evans  
Senior Lecturers: R. A. Guest H. I. Hughes
  R. Wooldridge  
Lecturer: C. E. Ramsbottom  
Assistant Lecturers: N. H. Bright A. D. Keay
  K. E. Pollak J. R. Taylor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Head of Department: S. C. Hoxey  
Senior Lecturers: F. Aughtie R. J. Evans
  J. E. Greenhalgh R. J. Moxham
Lecturers: A. Goodlad G. F. Howard
  A. Roberts R. B. Sanderson
  F. Trotter W. Williamson
Assistant Lecturers: T. W. Billingham M. Drimer
  A. P. Hickson D. K. Keates
  E. Kinder H. W. Yates
Department of Building and Civil Engineering
Head of Department: P. G. Willmore  
Senior Lecturer: F. D. Turner  
Lecturers: C. G. Allman D. S. Courten
  F. H. Holmes  
Assistant Lecturers: D. E. Aston E. M. Evans
  D. M. Jarman A. Johnson
  L. L. Slimm L. Turner
Department of Applied Science
Head of Department: J. A. Waddams  

Physics and Mathematics

Lecturers: J. B. Davies D. Jeffcock
  E. Williams  
Assistant Lecturers: B. F. H. Coleman W. J. Davies
  W. Powell  


Senior Lecturers: M. Schofield F. Scott
Lecturers: W. B. Foster Miss B. M. Wilson
Assistant Lecturers: F. S. Ansell G. R. Fitch
  J. F. A. Stark  
Research Fellows: R. J. Bishop P. Gray
Research Assistants: P. Barron R. T. Bayley
  A. Cole R. S. Holden


Senior Lecturer: G. H. Chapman  
Lecturer: Miss V. Dorrington  
Assistant Lecturers: R. T. D. Fairley L. W. G. Jones


Senior Lecturer: G. R. Morton  
Lecturers: D. R. Cliffe J. C. W. Davies
Department of Domestic Science and Catering
Head of Department: Miss K. M. Challen  
Assistant Lecturers: Ball Beacham
  M. Blears Miss E. M. Kendall
  Miss E. M. Reed Miss L. Satchwell
  Miss J. E. Smith  
Department of Commerce and General Studies
Head of Department: J. H. Williams  
Senior Lecturer: H. Blears  
Lecturers: L. L. Ballham J. Boadle
  E. A. J. Turner  
Assistant Lecturers: P. J. Bowdler Cook
  Iles Sheppard
  H. R. Simpson Miss J. M. Smith
Music Studies
Director: Percy M. Young  
Assistant Lecturer: C. L. West  
National Foundry College
Director: Robert Scott  
Head: J. Bamford  
Lecturers: G. H. Brown W. B. Hendry
  J. B. McIintyre S. N. Wrightson
  P. D. Webster  
Laboratory Staff
Mrs P. A. Adey Mrs. J. Bowen P. Burgess
D. Byard B. Clark E. A. Crook
G. Derricott J. Earp G. E. Everitt
D. R. Fall J. P. Foskett Miss S. Griffiths
W. J. Hill O. Hudson C. E. Jeavons
L. Marks C. Parsons Mrs. S. G. Probert
Miss M. Rickuss Miss J. Rogers L. A. Simmonds
G. H. Smith R. J. W. Smith Miss B. J. Thompson
P. J. Thwaites W. R. A. Turner C. A. Uzzell
E. A. Whiles Miss J. K. Wilson  
Secretary: G. N. Tranter  
Assistant Secretary: F. G. Welsby  
Librarian: Miss A. L. Human  
Assistants: Miss M. Aston Mrs. J. Barker
  Miss M. Brown Miss A. Draper
  Miss J. Ford Miss I. Hewitt
  Miss B. Jones Miss M. E. Lloyd
  Mrs. A. B. Lewis Miss S. Lewis
  Mrs. M. C. Rownes Mrs. R. V. Stevens
  Mrs. M. Tye  
Curator: J. Price  

The main entrance hall, known as 'The Marble'.

The laboratories were as follows:

Department of Production Engineering and Management
Senior Production Workshop with lathes, drilling machines, milling machines, and shaping machines.
Advanced Production Workshop with lathes, millers, grinders, shapers, planer, drillers etc.
Machine Tools Laboratory with equipment including a jig borer, Swiss automatic lathe, and hydraulic shaper.
Heat Treatment and Testing Laboratory with gas and electric furnaces, a high frequency induction heater etc.
Metrology Laboratory had equipment for studying surface finishes etc.
Work Study Laboratory had a cine-camera, film analyser, chronocyclegraph etc.
Metal Forming Workshop with hydraulic presses and equipment for hand tooling sheet metal.

Department of Mechanical Engineering
The applied mechanics and machines laboratories were equipped with a comprehensive range of machines.
The Strength of Materials Laboratory had apparatus and machines for universal testing.
The Heat Engines Laboratory had equipment for examining boilers and all types of engines.
The Hydraulics Laboratory had facilities for the experimental investigation of water flow.
The Motor Vehicle Laboratory catered for motor vehicle mechanics and testing.

Department of Electrical Engineering
Electrical Machines and Power Laboratory had AC and DC machines with specially designed control panels.
Electronics and Telecommunications Laboratory had a wide range of up-to-date test equipment.
Electrical Measurement Laboratory with a Standards Room, complete with standards and measuring equipment.
Radio Servicing and Electrical Installations workshops had a wide range of equipment and a model six room flat.

Department of Applied Science
Chemistry Laboratories had a wide range of apparatus including a polargraph and a quartz-glass spectrograph etc.
Physical Laboratories were fitted with equipment for basic and advanced physics.
Biology Laboratories had modern microscopes and equipment for histological and bacteriological work.
Metallurgical Laboratories had advanced microscopes and equipment for general metallurgical work.

The main Hall.

Tuition fees per year were as follows:

BSc College Senior Diplomas, General Certificate of Education (A-Level), 1st M.B., Inter Pharmacy - £17.
College Advanced Diplomas - £24.
Housecraft and Catering Courses - £17.
Commerce, Economics, General Studies and Secretarial Courses - £17.

Deposits. A deposit of £1 is required from all full-time students.
Laboratory Fee - 10 shillings per year, to cover cost of small items used in practical work.

The Dining Room, serviced by catering students.

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