Thomas Parker Day

Photographs from the Thomas Parker Day that was held at the Valley Hotel, Ironbridge on 10th October, 2015.
The day began with an exhibition featuring several displays.

The first was by pupils of the John Fletcher of Madeley Primary School, the second was by Andy Rose, Regeneration Officer for Madeley Town Council, and the third was by Ida and John White, members of the Britannia Aqueduct Historical Society.







Some of the guests in the display area at the start of the day.

Another view of the display area.

Andy Rose's excellent display, which hopefully will be seen at the I.E.T. in London.

A close-up view of Andy's first board.

A close-up view of Andy's second board.

 Ida and John White's display about Madeley Court Ironworks.

The exhibition was followed by four talks, two in the morning, and two in the afternoon. The first talk, given by Roy Bowdler, who is a fellow of the Institution of Engineering Technology, was entitled "Engineering and Transport - The Technical Achievements and Legacy of Thomas Parker."

Andy Rose announces the first talk, as Roy Bowdler sets-up the computer.

Roy's most interesting talk gets underway.

A close-up view of Roy describing a Thomas Parker car.

Andy asks if there are any questions.

The second talk, "The History of Elwell Parker in the USA and its Legacy" was given by Patrick Koch of H&K Equipment.

The attentive guests enjoy Patrick's talk.

Some of Thomas Parker's descendants who attended the event. Left to right: James Tudor, Gail Tudor, Michael Parker, Peter Parker, Margaret Parker, William Fullerton Parker, and Richard Tudor.

Groups of guests were given a tour of the old part of the building, with particular reference to Thomas Parker and his family. This group was led by Lisa who is fifth on the right. Courtesy of Andy Rose and Richard Bifield.
After lunch a plaque was unveiled to commemorate Thomas Parker and his achievements.
Andy Rose gives an opening speech for the unveiling of the plaque. On the right is Peter Parker, who is Thomas Parker's Great Grandson.

Peter Parker gives a speech. Left to right: Peter Parker, Gail Tudor, Michael Parker, and William Fullerton Parker.
Andy Rose and John Freeman look on.

The plaque is unveiled by Gail Tudor, Thomas Parker's Great Granddaughter. Courtesy of Andy Rose and Richard Bifield.

Another view of the unveiling. Courtesy of Andy Rose and Richard Bifield.

The plaque, which includes a quote from Lord Kelvin who described Thomas Parker as 'The Edison of Europe.'

The cast iron plaque was kindly produced by the team at the Iron Foundry at Blists Hill Museum.

The four speakers stand next to the plaque. Left to right: Patrick Koch, Roy Bowdler, Janet Doody, and Dr. Ian West.

The first talk after lunch was given by Janet Doody. It was entitled "Thomas Parker - Early Years, Family and Community." Her interesting talk was well received.

A close-up view of Janet describing Court Works.

The final talk, given by Dr. Ian West from the University of Leicester, was entitled "Awake my Muse! The World of the Early Electrical Engineering Contractor."

Some of the people present, listening to Ian's talk.

Another view of the audience.

A final view of Ian giving his talk.

The event was a great success. Everyone present had a marvellous day, and greatly enjoyed learning about the life and achievements of Thomas Parker.

We must thank Andy Rose for organising the event, and also John Freeman and the people in the Iron Foundry at Blists Hill Museum, for producing the plaque.

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