Part Two

Maybe Helen found life very different in Willenhall compared to the south because after their first child, Thomas (our ancestor), was born on the 19th April 1837 they moved to London. She could have been lonely as Daniel would have worked long hours and his life could have been ruled by his parents, but whatever the reason they left Willenhall.

Willenhall Market Place. From on old postcard.

They were living at 117 Pennington Street, East St. George, London when their second son, Daniel was born in 1841. They had two more children, Mary who was born about 1843 and George who was born about 1850.  Following the birth of George they returned to live in Cannon Street, Willenhall. As Daniel was the eldest son of John and Mary he would be expected to return home when his fathers health began to fail, and to work in the family business again.
John Worrall died in King Street, Willenhall, on the 5th September 1851. In Kelly's Directory for the same year he is listed as a Rim lock maker.
After John's death, Mary, his widow, became head of the business. She was head for more than two decades until her health began to fail. She died at the age of 85 on the 8th February 1878 and was buried in the Cholera ground in Doctor's Piece, although she did not die of cholera, just old age. In 1851 not only were Mary's sons working in the business but also Daniel's son Thomas.

Walsall Road, Willenhall. From an old postcard.

Walsall Street, Willenhall. From an old postcard.

There was also another grandson, John, (parents unknown), living with John and Mary. He was described as an errand boy on the 1851 Census. He would be one of the fourth generation of Worralls and cousin to Daniel's children. In 1891 this grandson, John Worrall was living with his large family in the Crescent Willenhall, where he established his business, John Worrall and sons, which ceased trading in July 2003.

During the time that Mary Worrall was head of the business, her sons Daniel, Thomas, David and John and their families were living close by and supporting her in the family business.

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