Version two of his autobiography

Edward Watkin Clark son of James and Pheby Ransford born June 6, 1820 in the village of Patttingham, Stafford Co., Staffordshire England.

I lived with my father and mother and went to school until 1835, then went to live with Mr. Henry Owen of Compton Holloway to attend to a pair of pony’s and a carriage. I stayed one year and then went as an apprentice to Will Thomas to learn to be a joiner and carpenter at Wolverhampton. Stayed with Will Thomas until July 29, 1837 worked a journeying in Wolverhampton until March 1840 then started in company with two other men. Went to see London the great Metropolis. Stopped and went visiting all the principal buildings. Seen Queen Victoria and prince Albert and Lord Wellington then returned to Wolverhampton. Mother died Jan 1842 at the age of 66 at Pattingham. I was married to Lucy Ashby, July 25, 1843 daughter of William and Elizabeth Ashby, Mill End Hertfordshire, England. My father died March 1844 near Pattingham at the age of 68 and was buried near Mother at Pattingham.

My first child Sarah was born 10 Sept 1844 at Wolverhampton at half past 6 in the morning. Second child Elizabeth born 1 Oct, 1846 at Wolverhampton at half past 5 in the evening. Annie born April 6, 1849 at Wolverhampton at 4 in evening. In 1847 I was teacher in Sunday School soon after become dissatisfied and wanted to leave England. Planned to go to Australia sold all my household furnishings and started up to London. We left Wolverhampton June 18, 1847 worked at my trade in London, Camden-town station and went to live at a house that Brother and Sister Taylor lived in. They told us about Mormonism. We were baptized Nov. 23, 1847 in Pentenville (?) by Elder Boolk and confirmed by John Banks and Savage. Ordained a Priest March 1848 by Will Boolk. Preached the Gospel and brought many to be baptized. May 7 left London and went back to Wolverhampton. Sent for my family. Preached the gospel to acquaintances and friends assisted in raising in a large Branch with much opposition by James Bell resident. Ordained an Elder by Elder J. Clinton April 4, 1849. Sept set up business for my self and kept a furniture shop and in December sold out and started on the ship "Ellen" with my family and 400 saints on the 6 of June anchored on the river on the 7 of Jan. Found two men stowed away in the ship to get a passage on the ship. On the 8th at 6 o’clock a storm came on and we all became sea sick. At 10 o’clock we collided with a liner which broke our whips bowshaft then we went into harbor at Cordeyen Bay in Wales. We repaired the ship and in three weeks started out again. It seemed a providence accident for me because we got 2 ton of coal and more fresh water. Had more, rough storms but landed in New Orleans Mar 15, 1851. Out from Liverpool 9 weeks. March 18 started on the "Elick Scott" steamboat up the Mississippi arrived in St. Louis 23rd stayed there three weeks. Then started on the Sacramento steamer up the Missouri River on the 13 of April arrived at Council Bluffs the 3rd of May.

Edward W. Clark Jr. born June 15, stopped in Canesville and made an outfit and started to mountain on the 3rd of July 1852 with 1 yoke of oxen and one of cows with my wife and 4 children. Organized under first ten second company Henry Miller Captain over company 50 wagons went on with some difficulty.

Sept 6 Sarah my daughter was run over by wagon while getting out and died next day 7th of Sept 1852. Buried on Sweetwater. This was a great trial to us but we still pressed on arrived in Great Salt Lake City Sept 24, 1852. We attended conference on 10th of Oct started out south went 50 miles to Provo. Then stopped at Bro. S. Jackson a little while. Built a house 12 by 14 feet one doby thick. 1853 Indians became hostile and killed one of our brethren at Payson. The militia was called out and 2 went and was stationed at Payson for two weeks. Peace was made of some skirmishing . The president told all the settlements to gather together and build forts accordingly I moved my hose up into Main St. James Clark born Mar 16, 1853, worked at my trade and farmed a little. Dec. 1, 1853, I and my wife Lucy was called by George A. Smith in the city of Provo. May 1, 1855 Will Ashby Clark was born. I was ordained to the office of Seventy April 8, 1855 by Bro. Rodgers and Rockwood in the Council house in Salt Lake City. 1856 the Snake Indians came on a party of the Ute Indians and had a fight close to Provo City. 5 Utes killed and some wounded and some Snake Indians wounded. 1855 there came many grasshoppers so many that they darkened the sun and they ate all the crops with few exceptions and in 56 there was great distress for food so that many of the saints lived on roots and fish.

May 1856 Lucy and I went through the endowments and was sealed under the alter for time and all eternity by President Brigham Young. Built a good house 30 by 34 two stories high. Pres. Young called all the saints to reform and they sent missionaries all through the territory on a reformation took place. Catechism was sent around and the saints confessed their sins and covenanted to live their religion. I was called to be a block teacher.

A great many saints came across the plains in handcarts and was overtaken by snow storms. Many was frozen and starved to death through some unwise men. Then many went to meet them and took tons of flour out to their need and brought them in and divided them over the territory for the saints to take care of until another harvest. I was appointed with Will Nuttal to see that they were provided for in the 3rd ward at Provo. Zedediah M. Grant one of the first presidency after being engaged in the reformation and calling the people to repentance after a short illness, died much to be lamented by the saints. I was baptized on March 15th during the reformation in the New Fort at Provo by Diminicus Carter confirmed by James N. Jones. Jonathan Duke and Moses Jones was speaker. The 24th 20 to 30 baptized selected by the president and Bishop. April 6th Lucy and I attended conference. Heard some good teachings by President Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, Daniel Wells and the twelve spoke of the coming company and mail to the stakes. Called missionaries to different parts of the earth to go to the states by handcarts and gave invitations to anyone that would like to accompany the First presidency to go North to explore some and visit the settlements. President Snow told the people that he wanted all the city baptized the following Monday. My family baptized April 16th. Lucy by Bishop Black confirmed by John Carter, Cluff and Bro. Buxton. Louisa by Bishop Blackburn confirmed by Father Harris, Isaac Rollins and Jos. Clark. Elizabeth by Bishop Black confirmed by John Carter, Cluff and Buxton. Annie by Isaac Bullock confirmed by Father Harris, Bro. Rollins and Bullock. April 17 President Snow and April 18 President Snow and bishop Blackburn started with their carriage to go out with President Young and a company of 200 men to explore and other business. Sept 15 I was called to attend the prayer circle at Bro. J. Stewart by Father Harris and was organized into the quorum and attended weekly. May 8, Joseph Young and Rockwood visited Provo and give some good instruction May 8. July 25 the news came that the U.S. was sending a governor and judges and other officers to Utah and other officers to Utah and 2500 soldiers with them. Governor Young said that they should not come in Sept. Gov. Young issued a proclamation that no armed body of men could come into the territory and called on the citizens to back him up. Sept 10 called 500 mounted men to go and stop the soldier. 50 men out of Provo were called. Went out to the soldier then camped Hams Fork brought forth at different times some 1000 head of cattle and mules. Burned the grass and 30 of the baggage wagons. Oct 8 call for foot men to go out and stop them. 150 called from Provo. Started on the 9th and camped at Provo Bridge. I was among the number. Feb. 6th the President and legislature called out a 1000 mounted men to be well armed with two good horses each to be fitted up by the people after they were fitted out they were dismissed.

Mar 2, 1859 I was called to be counselor to Bishop W. Wall of the 3rd ward acting as counselor. Mar 8th Judge Cradlbaugh held court in Provo with 100 soldiers. they camped close by the courthouse and 1200 on the bench 3 miles off. At length Governor Carmen ordered them to leave in a few days. After they left in July Pres. Snow and Bishop Blackburn had to leave in a hurry. 100 men was called to go into the mountains as a guard. I was there 8 days armed. In Sept Silas Smith was called to take the Presidency at Provo and charge of the tithing office. Isaac Bollack and Bro. Jonathan Duke were his counselors. Oct 30th I was called to be Bishop of the 3rd ward. Bishop Wall resigned. I called John S. Carter and Joseph Clark to be my counselors. Nov 26 1859 I was called to by a city counselor and a high councilor by Silas Smith, President.

Mar 1860 I purchased the premises of Alexander Williams. I paid him 329 down which left 131 to be paid. I fitted it up to be a store. May 15 rented the store to Ebenezer Hanks for $20 per month for 6 months. June rented the house to Howard Corey for 3 months at $10 per month. June 10 started business in partnership with Jefferson Patten. Sept. gave up business and rented the shop to Riley. July 1st 1860 Bishop Miller was appointed to take charge in this, the stake of Zion and James W. Cummins sent to be the clerk in the tithing office. Sept. 1861 sold part of the lot in center straw to Stewart for $75.00. Nov. 20 rented the store to Birch and Stubs for $25 per month.

Record of Edward W. Clark and Family:

Edward Watkins Clark born 6th of June 1820 in Pattingham, Stafford Co., England
Lucy Ashby born 4 Dec 1818 at Millend, Hertfordshire Co., England
Elizabeth Clark 1 Oct 1846 at Wolverhampton 5 o’clock in evening Staffordshire England
Annie Clark born Apr 6, 1849 at 6 in evening at Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England.
Edward Clark born 17 June 1851 at 6 o’clock in the eve at Provo, Utah
James Clark born Mar 16, 1853 at 8 o’clock in the eve at Provo, Utah
Will Ashby Clark born May 1, 1855 at 4 o’clock in morning at Provo, Utah
Zedediah Henry Clark born Jan 7, 1857 at 8 o’clock in morning at Provo, Utah
Lucy Agness Clark born Dec. 3, 1858 at 6 minutes past two in morning at Provo, Utah.
Pheby Elviria Clark born Sept 9, 1861 at 12 o’clock tonight Provo City, Utah
Louis Julia Clark born Dec 29 1863 at 20 minutes past 3 in the morning at Spring Lake, Utah.

Feb. 3 I was sealed to my second wife Louisa Mellor daughter of James C. Mellor and Marth Mellor. Came across the plains with a handcart and brought his luggage, Jan 1857. Franklin Clark was born May 12th at 9 o’clock afternoon 1857. Moroni Clark born December 1861, 5 o’clock in the afternoon. Lucy Beartha Graves born Nov 19th 1870 at 4 o’clock in the morning at Santaquin, Utah.

Emma Clark born July 5th 1864 at 3 in afternoon at Spring Lake.
Charles Clark born Jan 23 1867 died Nov 11 1867.
Joseph J. Clark born Jan 30 at 10 o’clock at night 1870
Eliza Jane Clark born Nov 4 1872 at 12 in day Santaquin, Utah
John Ed Clark born April 3 at half past 4 in the afternoon 1873 at Santaquin.
Brigham Clark born 1874 at Spring lake
David Clark born Spring lake

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