Genealogy   -  Unlock Your Family's Past
Bev Parker

This is a simple step by step guide that will enable you to start exploring your family history. It's a fascinating and enjoyable hobby, which involves a lot of careful and accurate research, varying from family memories and photographs, to looking through the various records that are available in local authorities' archives.

You will need to keep your own accurate records. All of the information that you acquire will help you to produce a comprehensive picture of your family. Your records will include family memories, photographs, birth, marriage, and death certificates, and copies from the various records that are available. Always make a note of the source of your material, its useful if you need to go back and look again, and it prevents double-checking. You must carefully catalogue your records so that information is always readily at hand. Unless you are very lucky your research will take some time, and your records must be well-kept otherwise you will end up loosing something, so care is essential.

Any photographs that you borrow can be copied (with permission) and included in your final piece of work. Take your own photographs of family members, and maybe where they live. You can also include a description of family life as can be obtained from the older family members. As you look through the records and locate family graves, photograph them, and include a simple map so that others can find them. All of this along with the family tree gives an accurate picture of the family, and copies can then be distributed throughout the family to help ensure their long-term survival.

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1. Beginnings
2. Searching Records
3. Collating Results, and Useful Addresses

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