My time at the company (2)

I conclude this story with some photos of the interior of the factories.  
Above is a line of Sweeney & Blocksidge No.9 power presses in the No. 1 Factory. The photo on the left is also of the press shop in the No. 1 Factory.
The tool room at Wilton Pressings.
A Ballard oven in the paint shop at the No.2 Factory.
Views of the Inspection Department at the No. 1 Factory.  Right:  a Rockwell hardness testing machine.

A note from Bev Parker

There is a sad ending to the story. Brian's cousin Peter Lisle passed away at the Princess Royal Hospital, Telford, on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018, at the age of 90.

In April 2018 Brian Rollings had a heart attack and nearly died. It greatly affected his life and his mobility. On Sunday 7th July, 2018, both he and his wife Sylvia had planned to go to an event organised by the Austin Seven Car Club, but Brian was unwell. They abandoned the idea, and he spent much of the next couple of days sleeping. On Tuesday 9th July he had a stroke and was taken by ambulance to the stroke unit at New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton, where he sadly passed away on Sunday 15th July, 2018.

He was a kind and generous man, enthusiastic about anything to do with old cars. He will be greatly missed.

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