This is an interim and uncritical list of books about Wolverhampton. It might be a useful starting point for anyone doing research or building a book collection. It only mentions books specifically about Wolverhampton or parts of it. There is also much about Wolverhampton's history in books about Staffordshire, the Black Country, The West Midlands.

The list does not include:

articles in magazines and newspapers (but many of the books listed contain bibliographies referring to them)

newspapers (a list of those published in Wolverhampton up to 1951 can be found in D. Roston, Wolverhampton and its Press, Express and Star, n.d. (1951)

trade and other directories (which can be found listed in: M.  Emery and D. R. Beard, Staffordshire Directories: a Union List of Directories relating to the Geographical County of Stafford, Stoke-on-Trent City Library, 1996

maps (many of which can be found in Mary Mills, Mapping the Past: Wolverhampton 1577-1986, Wolverhampton Borough Council, 1993)

reports by local authorities and other public bodies

films and videos

novels set in Wolverhampton

for a note on the Victoria County History, see below

The list is in alphabetic order of the surname of the first named author. The details are given in the order: author(s), title, publisher, date of publication. "np" means that no publisher's name appears on the book. "nd" means that no date of publication appears in the book; a date given in brackets is a suggested date.

Nearly all of the works listed can be found in the City Archives at Snow Hill.

Michael Albutt, Around the Saxon Hill, G.M.Griffin, 1990

All Saints Women's Resource Centre, In Our Own Words: a Selection of Real Life Experiences of People Living in the All Saints Area of Wolverhampton, All Saints Action Network Ltd., 2003

Catherine Ambrose, The Heirloom Book, published by the author, Tasmania, 2003

David Annand, The Kettle Family Tree, 1683 - 1984, the author, 1984

[anon], Nostalgic Wolverhampton, True North Books, 1999

[anon] [Wolverhampton Archives Department?], Queen Victoria's Visit to Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton BC, nd

[anon], The Story of the Grand Theatre Wolverhampton, Knightstone Publications, nd (1983?)

[anon], Wolverhampton Past and Present, Wolverhampton Heritage Project, 1985

[anon], Darlington Street Methodist Church 1901-1976, np, nd (1976)

[anon] [ed. Lynne Hayward?], Wulfrun College 1949-1999: Memories of 50 years of Learning, Wulfrun College, 1999

G. J. Barnsby, A History of Education in Wolverhampton 1800-1972, Wolverhampton Communist Party, 1972; new edition, Integrated Publishing Services, 1990

George J. Barnsby, The Origins of Wolverhampton to 1085, Wolverhampton BC, 1985

George J. Barnsby. A History of Wolverhampton, Bilston and District Trades Union Council, 1865 - 1990, W B & D TUC, 1994

William Beard, Memoirs of a Royal Hospital Porter, Wolverhampton Borough Council, 1993

V. B. Beaumont, The Wolverhampton Chamber of Commerce 1856-1956, Wolverhampton Incorporated Chamber of Commerce, 1956

T.R.Bennett (ed), Investigating Penn, WEA Wolverhampton, nd

J. Boulton, Powered Vehicles made in the Black Country, Black Country Society, 1976

Jim Boulton, Wolverhampton Cycles and Cycling: a Personal Scrapbook, np, 1988

Jim Boulton, The Story of the First Midlands National Aviation Meeting, Brian Publishing, 1990

Jim Boulton with Harold Parsons, Powered Vehicles Made in the Black Country, Black Country Society, 1990

John Boynton, The Oxford Worcester and Wolverhampton Railway, Mid England Books, 2002

Tom Brennan, Midland City: Wolverhampton Social and Industrial Survey, Dennis Dobson, 1948

Alec Brew, The History of Black Country Aviation, Alan Sutton, 1993

Alec Brew, Black Country Aviation in Old Photographs, Alan Sutton Publishing, 1994

Alec Brew, Images of England: Penn and Blakenhall, Tempus Publishing, 1998

Alec Brew, Images of England: Ettingshall and Monmore Green, Tempus Publishing, 1999

Alec Brew, Images of England: Codsall and Claregate, Tempus Publishing

Alec Brew, Images of England: Tettenhall and Pattingham, Tempus Publishing

Alec Brew, Images of England: Willenhall to Horseley Fields, Tempus Publishing

Alec Brew, Images of England: Heath Town and Fallings Park, Tempus Publishing, 1999

Alec Brew, Sunbeam Aero-Engines, Airlife Publishing, 1998

Alec Brew (ed), Dan Brew on the Railway: Tettenhall and Codsall, Alec Brew Neighbourhood Publishing, nd [1996]

Alec Brew, Wolverhampton Voices, Tempus, 2004

Alec Brew, Wolverhampton Pubs, Tempus, 2004

Geoff Brown, Riding the Midnight Hour: Drama, Excitement and Fun on the Footplate: 1914-1954, G.Brown, 1997

Helen Brown and Angus Dunphy, A Penny for your Thoughts: as we were in Lower Penn 1894-1972, [Angus Dunphy?], 2000

Robert Cordon Champ, The Illustrated History of the Sunbeam Bicycles and Motorcycles, Haynes, 1989

A.H.Chatwin, Bushbury Parish and People 1550-1950, np, 1983; 2nd edition, Wolverhampton BC, 1991

David Clare, Francis Frith's Photographic Memories: Wolverhampton, Francis Frith Collection, 2005

Paul Collins, Rail Centres: Wolverhampton, Ian Allan Ltd., 1990

Tom Cope, Memoirs of a Bradley Boyhood, Wolverhampton Borough Council, 1990

Copthorne Millenium Group, The Copthorne Chronicle, the authors, 2003

Judy Davies, Bakers of Codsall and Boningale, 2002

Ron Davies and Roy Hawthorne, Bilston, Bradley and Ladymoor, Alan Sutton, 2000

Ron Davies, Bilston, Bradley and Ladymoor: a Second Selection, Alan Sutton, 2002

Ron Davies, Bilston, Bradley and Ladymoor: a Third Selection, Alan Sutton, 2004

Ron Davies, Bilston, Bradley and Ladymoor: a Fourth Selection, Alan Sutton, 2005

Angus Dunphy, A Geography of the Parishes of Wombourne and Lower Penn, Dudley Teachers' Centre, 1972

Angus Dunphy, Angus Dunphy's Penn, [the author?]

Angus Dunphy, Memories of Penn and District, [the author?]

Angus Dunphy, Out and About in Penn and District, [the author?]

Angus Dunphy, Over and Nether Penn, [the author?]

Angus Dunphy, Penn and Ink, [the author?], 1992

Angus Dunphy, Penn to Paper, [the author?], 1996

Angus Dunphy, Penn in Print, [the author?], [dated 2000, distributed 1999]

Angus Dunphy, A Millennium History of Lower Penn, [the author?], 2001

Angus Dunphy, Tales from Penn Forge, [the author?], 2002

George Hayter Chubb and Walter Graham Churcher, The House of Chubb, 1818-1918, Herbert Jenkins, 1919

David Clayton, Wolverhampton's Empire Palace of Varieties 1898-1921, DBC Enterprise, 1990

David Clayton, Smile: the Story of Wolverhampton Hippodrome, DBC Enterprise, 1992

Norman Cliff, My Life at the Sunbeam 1920-1935, Ashley James, 1987

Roy D Cole, Thomas Brindley: Wolverhampton's First Letter Carrier, R.D.Cole, 1985

Copthorne Millennium Group, The Copthorne Chronicle: Stories of our Road, told by the People who Live There, published by the Group, 2003

Ron Davies, One Man's Dream: the Architectural Art of Major Kenneth Hutchinson Smith, Dulston Press, 1992

William Dalton, A Brief Memoir of a Beloved Wife, np, 1862

Ron Davies and Roy Hawthorne, Bilston, Bradley and Ladymoor, Sutton Publishing, 2000

Ron Davies, Bilston, Bradley and Ladymoor: a Second Selection, Sutton Publishing, 2002

Ron Davies, Bilston, Bradley & Ladymoor: a Third Selection, Sutton Publishing, 2003

Malcolm Deaville, The Parish of St.Philip, Penn Fields: its Church and People 1859-1981, np, 1981

Simon Dewey and Ned Williams, Wolverhampton Railway Album Vol.1, Uralia Press, 1978

Simon Dewey and Ned Williams, Wolverhampton on Wheels, Uralia Press, 1991

Alton Douglas and Dennis Moore, Memories of Wolverhampton: a Pictorial Record, Beacon Radio, 1988

L. B. Duckworth, Music in our Town: the Story of a Civic Hall, Cornish Brothers, 1945

Angus Dunphy, A Millenium History of Lower Penn, Lower Penn Millenium Committee, 1999

Peter Evans, A Guide to the Contents of the Wolverhampton Archives, Wolverhampton City Council, 2003

Robert T. Everitt, One Hundred Sporting Summers: a Celebration of Bilston Lawn Tennis Club's Centenary and the Town's Sporting Heritage, R.T.Everitt and BLTC, 1995

Keith Farley, 'N Between Times: an Oral History of the Wolverhampton Group Scene of the 1960s Keith Farley, 2001

Edith Henrietta Fowler, The Life of Lord Wolverhampton, First Viscount Wolverhampton, Hutchinsons, 1912

John Freeman, Black Country Stories and Sketches, James Wilkes, 1931

G. Frost (ed), Penn: the Story of its Church and Parish, nd., np.

Cyril Gibbons, Wolverhampton: 200 Years of Change, Wolverhampton WEA, nd

John Godwin, Some Notable 18th Century Staffordshire MPs, Staffordshire County Council, 1984

M.W.Greenslade and Ann J Kettle, A History of Forests in Staffordshire, Staffordshire County Council, 1984

Frederick Hall, A Short Historical Account of the Collegiate Church of St.Peter Wolverhampton, William Parke (Wolverhampton) and Simpkin Marshall (London), 1865

John C. B. Hall-Matthews and Ian Shield, The Collegiate Church of St. Peter, Wolverhampton, R.J.L.Smith and Associates, 1993

G.V.Hancock, History of Tettenhall College, Tettenhall College, 1963

Geoffrey Hancock, A Tettenhall History, Broadside, 1991

J.B.Hardcastle (ed), A Record of the Noningentenary or 900th Anniversary of the … Collegiate Church of Wolverhampton, np, 1894

E. Hartill, The History of Penn and her Church, British Publishing Company, nd (1968?)

David Harvey and John Hughes, A Nostalgic Tour of Wolverhampton by Bus and Tram, Silver Link Publishing:  Part 1, the Western Routes, 2001;  Part 2, the Northern Routes, 2002;  part 3, the Eastern Routes, 2004

Roy Hawthorne and Jim Dowdall, Images of Wolverhampton, Sutton Publishing, 2003

Mike Hitches, Steam Around Wolverhampton, Sutton Publishing, 1999

[H.M..Hobson Ltd].  Hobson: a Personal Story of Fifty Years, H. M. Hobson Ltd., 1953

D.Hooke and T.R.Slater, Anglo Saxon Wolverhampton and its Monastery, Wolverhampton BC, 1986

Della Hooke, The Landscape of Anglo-Saxon Staffordshire: the Charter Evidence, Keele University, 1983

Ann Humphreys, Royal Visits to Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton BC, 1977

John Hunter, The First £100 Million: a History of the Staffordshire Building Society, Staffordshire Building Society, nd (1977)

David Instone, Sir Jack, Thomas Publications, 200

Arthur Johnson, A History of the First Forty Years of Wolverhampton Round Table No.17 (1929-1969), Gibbons, 1969

G. W. Jones, Borough Politics: A Study of the Wolverhampton Town Council 1888-1964, Macmillan, 1969

James P. Jones, A History of the Parish of Tettenhall in the County of Stafford, Steen & Co, 1894

Joseph Jones, Historical Sketch of the Art and Literary Institutions of Wolverhampton from the year 1794 to 1897, Alexander and Shepheard, 1897

W. H. Jones, History of the Congregational Churches of Wolverhampton from the year 1662 to 1894, Alexander and Shepherd, 1894

W. H. Jones, Story of the Municipal Life of Wolverhampton, np (Wolverhampton BC?), 1903

Yvonne Jones, Georgian and Victorian Japanned Ware of the West Midlands, Wolverhampton BC, 1982

George T. Lawley, History of Bilston, John Price, 1893

John Lewis, It's By Corfield it must be good: the Periflex Story.

Joan Lloyed and Anne Peters, Lea Road Church: the First 100 Years, Lea Road Church, 2005

Charles Nicholas Mander, Varnished Leaves: a Biography of the Mander Family, 1750-1959, Owlpen Press, 2005

Gerald Poynton Mander, The History of the Wolverhampton Grammar School, np, 1913

Gerald Poynter Mander, Early Wolverhampton Books and Printers, np, nd (1922)

Gerald P. Mander, A History of Wolverhampton to the Early Nineteenth Century,Wolverhampton BC, 1960

F. Mason, Wolverhampton: the Town Commissioners 1777-1848, Wolverhampton BC, 1976

Frank Mason, Yesterday's Town: Wolverhampton, Barracuda Books, 1982

Frank Mason, The Book of Wolverhampton: the Story of an Industrial Town, Barracuda Books, 1989

Henry A. May, Queen Street Congregational Church, Wolverhampton: the Story of a Hundred Years 1809-1909, np, 1909

Mary Mills, Around Tettenhall and Codsall in Old Photographs, Alan Sutton, 1990

Mary Mills, Mapping the Past: Wolverhampton 1577-1986, Wolverhampton BC, 1993

Mary Mills and Tracey Williams, The Archive Photograph Series: Wolverhampton, Chalford Publishing, 1996

Mary Mills and Tracey Williams, Images of England: Bilston, Tettenhall and Wednesfield, Tempus Publishing, 1998

Steve Mills, A.J.S. of Wolverhampton, the author, 1994

John Morris, Domesday Book: Staffordshire, Phillimore, 1976

Richard Onslow, One Hundred Years of Racing at Dunstall Park 1887-1987, Wolverhampton Racecourse PLC, [nd 1987?]

J. B. Owen, A Memoir of the late G. B. Thorneycroft of Wolverhampton, Hamilton Adams & Co (London), T. Simpson (Wolverhampton), 1856

Graham Peet, Peaches, Lions and Heroes: memories of Oxley, Bushbury and Fordhouses, Rhythm Tree Arts, 1989

Patricia Pegg, A Very Private Heritage, Images Publishing, 1996

Anthony Perry, The Fowler Legacy: the Story of a Forgotten Family, Brewin Books, 1997

Anthony Perry, St.Peter's House, St.Peter's Collegiate Church, 1998

Anthony Perry, Ellen's Forgotten Mercia, Brewin Books, 1999

Anthony Perry, Under the Wing of St. Peter's: memories of a Wolverhampton boyhood, St. Peter's House, 1995

Anthony Perry, Wool Town Church: St. Peter's Church and Wolverhampton in the Middle Ages, St.Peter's House, 2000

Anthony Perry, The Folds of Wolverhampton, Brewin Books, 2005

Roger Poole, The Church on Wednesfield Green: the Story of St. Thomas's Church, Wednesfield, 1750 - 2000, nd[2001], published by the church?

John M. Price, The Story of Bilston, John Price & Sons, 1951

Patrick Quirke, The Reverend Kenneth Hunt: Wolves' Footballing Parson, Patrick Quirke, 2001

Jon Raven, Tettenhall, Broadside, nd

E.A.Rees, Wolverhampton in Old Picture Postcards, European Library 1989

Elizabeth Rees, Wolverhampton in the 1930s and '40s, Hendon Publishing, 1998

Elizabeth A. Rees, Penn in Old Photographs, Alan Sutton, 1990

Elizabeth A. Rees and Mary Mills, Wednesfield and Heath Town in Old Photographs, Alan Sutton, 1992

Eric Richardson, The Black Country as seen through Antique Maps, the Black Country Society, 2000

Peter Rhodes, The Loaded Hour: a History of the Express & Star, Express & Star, 1992

Peter Rhodes, Images of Wolverhampton, Breedon Books, 1995

Berry Ritchie, The Story of Tarmac, James and James, 1999

John S. Roper, A History of St.John's Church Wolverhampton, np, nd

John S. Roper, Historic Buildings of Wolverhampton, np, 1957

John S. Roper, Wolverhampton: the Early Town and its History, np, 1966

John Roper, Wolverhampton as it Was, volumes 1, 2 and 3, Hendon Publishing, 1974, 1975, 1976

Marie B. Rowlands, Masters and Men in the West Midland Metalware Trades before the Industrial Revolution, Manchester University Press, 1979

R. S. E. Sandbach, Priest and Freemason: the Life of George Oliver, Aquarian Press, 1988

Mark Sawbridge, History of Wolverhampton Speedway, published by the author, 2003

K. W. Bob Sidbotham, Life and Tales of a Locksmith, History into Print, 2005

Jack Sizer, History of Villiers, the author, new edition 2002

J. H. Sheldon, The Social Medicine of Old Age: Report of an Inquiry in Wolverhampton, Oxford University Press, 1948

Sheila Shield, The Light Shines Through: the stained glass windows on St. Peter's Collegiate Church, Wolverhampton, St.Peter's House, 1997

Peter Skidmore, The Civic Heraldry of the Black Country, The Black Country Society, 2003

Harry Smith, The Origins and History of the Polytechnic Wolverhampton, The Polytechnic Wolverhampton, nd (1983)

John B. Smith, Avoiding the Bitterness of Party Strife, paper given before the Urban History Conference at Durham University, 2003

John B. Smith, Industry and Social Change c.1700-1840: Wolverhampton Transformed, in N. Raven and J. Stobart (eds), Towns, Industries and Regions: Urban and Industrial Change c.1700 -1840, Manchester University Press, 2004

Frank Spittle, Jack's Veteran Vehicles: Transports of Delight, published by the author, 2003

Roy Stallard, Wolverhampton Hospitals Heritage, the author, 2005

Sylvia Stanyer, The Woodlands, 1945-1995, np [Society of Friends?], nd [1995?]

F.L.Steward, A History of the Royal Wolverhampton School 1850-1950, Steens, 1950

Roger Swift, Crime and Society in Wolverhampton 1815-1860, Wolverhampton Public Libraries, 1987

H. R. Thomas and John Ryan (editors), Wolverhampton Grammar School Register 1515 - 1920, [published by the School?], 1926

Norman W. Tildesley, The Collegiate Church of St.Peter Wolverhampton, nd, np

Ralph Tomkinson (ed), The Beloved Disciple: the Story of St. John's Church, Essington, St. John the Evangelist Parochial Church Council, 1992

Chris Upton, A History of Wolverhampton, Phillimore, 1998

Marjorie von Harten and Melissa Marston, Man of Wolverhampton: the Life and Times of Sir Charles Marston, Coombe Springs Press, nd

Stanley Webb and Paul Addenbrooke (eds), A History of Wolverhampton Transport, Volume 1: 1833-1930, Birmingham Transport Historical Group and Uralia Press, nd.

N. D. Welch, Airfield Focus: Wolverhampton Airport (Pendeford), GMS Enterprises, 2004

Ned Williams, What's Happened to Wolverhampton?, Uralia Press, 1997

Ned Williams, A Century of Wolverhampton, Sutton Publishing (only through W H Smith), 1999

Ned Williams, Past and Present Wolverhampton: the changing face of the city and its people, W H Smith, 2002

Ned Williams, Black Country Chapels, Sutton, 2004

Wolverhampton Archives Department, The First World War and Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton BC, nd

Wolverhampton Archives Department, Sport and Leisure in Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton BC, nd

Eric Woolley, Wolverhampton: A Portrait in Old Picture Postcards, SB Publications, 1989

Eric Woolley, Wolverhampton: A Second Portrait in Old Picture Postcards, SB Publications, 1990.

George Wrottesley, History of the Family of Wrotteseley of Wrottesley Co.Stafford, The Genealogist, 1903

The Victoria County History

Wolverhampton and its environs are included in the Staffordshire volumes. The volumes are following the usual VCH system. The analysis below tries to pick out the bits which are most specific to Wolverhampton and its environs; but all the volumes may contain Wolverhampton references and the index to each volume should be used; note that every volume contains an index except volume 1; volume 2 contains the index for volumes 1 and 2. The dates of each volume are given as some of them are rather ancient and much more is now known about their subject matter. Nevertheless the volumes remain a valuable resource, not least for their references. The list contains all the volumes published so far.

Vol.1. 1908. This volume contains general background essays on:

Natural History
Early Man
Roman-British Staffordshire
Anglo-Saxon remains
Political History
Social and Economic History
Ancient Earthworks

Vol.2. 1967. This volume also contains general background essays on:

Industries (other than agriculture)
Communications (including railways, canals)

Vol.3. 1970. Religious History including essays on

St.Mary's Hospital, Wolverhampton, p.296ff
St.Peter's College, Wolverhampton, p.321ff

Vol.4. 1958. This volume is in two parts:

The parishes of Cuttlestone Hundred
The Staffordshire Domesday, with introduction and translation

 Vol.5. 1959.

The parishes of East Cuttlestone Hundred

Vol.6. 1979. This volume contains essays on:

Schools, including essays on Tettenhall College, Royal Wolverhampton School, Wolverhampton Grammar School
Keele University
Stafford Borough History

Vol.7. 1996. Leek and the Moorlands

Vol.8. 1963. Newcastle under Lyme; and Stoke on Trent

Vol.14. 1990. Lichfield

Vol.17. 1976. West Bromwich; Smethwick; Walsall; and Walsall Wood

Vol.20. 1984. Seisdon Hundred (part). Wolverhampton is within Seisdon Hundred but the old Borough has not yet been covered. The parishes covered in this volume are:

Tettenhall (and see note below)
Woodford Grange.

Note that "Tettenhall" covers the old ecclesiastical parish and includes all or part of what today we would call:

Tettenhall Wood
Lane Green

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