1900 to 1924

16th February. S. T. Mander, Mayor of Wolverhampton gave a dinner in honour of the volunteers going to Africa.
23rd February. The foundation stone of Darlington Street Methodist Church laid by Sir Henry Fowler.
27th April. Queen Victoria passed through Wolverhampton. She was presented with a bouquet at the Station by the Mayoress, Mrs. S.T. Mander. The Mayor, Mayoress and Town Clerk entered the Royal Saloon.
1st May. Tramways taken over by the Corporation.
23rd July. Foundation Stone of New Free Library laid by the Duke of York.
23rd July. Visit of the Duke and Duchess of York to open the new Infirmary at the Royal Orphanage.
14th September. Death of S.T. Mander, Mayor of Wolverhampton.
18th September. S.T. Mander interred at Pattingham.

21st January. Queen Victoria died and Edward VII was proclaimed King.
2nd February. Mayor and Corporation attend a memorial service for the late Queen at St. Peter's Church.
1st July. Housing Scheme adopted by Wolverhampton Corporation.
15th October. St. Peter's New School foundation stone laid by Lord Dartmouth.
29th October. Darlington Street Methodist Church opened.
22nd November. Wolverhampton Festival Choral Society sang at a concert in memory of Sir Arthur Sullivan, at the Queen's Hall, London.
25th November. Conservative Conference at Wolverhampton.

18th January. Wednesfield Church destroyed by Fire.
16th April. Japanese Ambassador (Viscount Hayashi) visited the town.
28th April. Electric Trams commenced to Leicester Square, Whitmore Reans.
1st May. Wolverhampton Exhibition opened by the Duke of Connaught. It closed on 8th November with a loss of over £30,000.
3rd June. Corporation Cold Stores opened.
12th June. Electric Trams commenced to Newbridge.
28th to 30th July. State Visit of the Lord Mayor of London to Wolverhampton.

3rd July. Visit of Princess Henry of Battenberg to the Royal Orphanage.
10th July. School Board superseded by the Education Committee of the Town Council.
10th July. First meeting of the Education Committee of the Town Council.
2nd September. Great rainstorm, streets flooded.
24th September. New Homes for Poor (later the Poplars), opened.

25th February. Women's Hospital, Connaught Road, opened.
23rd September. Presentation of Silver Cradle to the Mayor and Mayoress, Alderman and Mrs.
Johnson in commemoration of a daughter being born during the term of office.
1st November. Motor bus commenced between the Low Level Station and Bridgnorth.

20th February. Farewell visit of Sir Henry Irving.
March. The Sunbeam Motor Car Company incorporated.
11th July. Madame Sarah Bernhardt, together with Mrs. Patrick Campbell, opened the Floral Fete at West Park.
4th December. South Staffordshire Joint Small Pox Hospital opened.

15th October. Congregational Union met at Wolverhampton.

29th October. Harry Lauder appeared at the Hippodrome Theatre.

13th February. Accident at St. John's Church, Stone Pinnacle fell through the roof.
2nd May. Miss Perry, of Wergs Hall died. She bequeathed £100,000 to local and other charities.
13th June. The open space at the west front of St. Peter's Church opened by the Mayor, A.B. Bantock.

25th April. The English Cup won by Wolverhampton Wanderers for the second time.

1st April. Mayor (E.L. Cullwick) died in office.
Queen Square Improvements completed. Harley's and adjoining buildings removed and the space thrown into a square.
Worcester Street old buildings demolished, and the street widened.

11th March. Death of Sir Alfred Hickman.
10th May. George V. proclaimed King. Proclamation read by the Mayor, J. Grout.
17th June. Aviation week at Dunstall Park.

25th February. Lord Wolverhampton died.
1st July. Drill Hall and Riding School, Newhampton Road, opened.
10th July. G. Maynard Martin, M.A., St. John's College, Cambridge, appointed Borough Coroner.
17th December. Dedication of peal of twelve new bells at St. Peter's by the Bishop of Stafford.

13th November. King Edward VII Memorial Wing of the Hospital opened.

14th March. Visit of Lord Roberts to the town.
19th April. Baden-Powell visits the town.
16th July. Corn Market removed from the Agricultural Hall to the Technical School Lecture Hall, Garrick Street.
19th September. Fire at the Theatre Royal, Bilston Street.
Welcome to New Bishop of Lichfield (Dr. Kempthorne), at the Agricultural Hall.

4th August. War declared against Germany.
5th October. Civic goodbye to the 6th South Staffordshire War recruits.
Wolverhampton Territorials ordered to join the Colours.

13th January. Honour of Knighthood conferred on the Town Clerk Mr. Horatio Brevitt.
31st July. The last issue of the Midland Evening News.
13th October. 6th South Staffordshire Regiment sustained serious losses in the Great War.

31st January. Zeppelin raid on the Midlands.
1st July. 4th Battalion Staffordshire Volunteer Regiment formed.

4th to 9th February. Tank Week. Total raised £1,425,578.

8th March. John Marston died in his home at Colwyn Bay. Because of the war he was buried there.
28th October to 2nd November. Gun Week. Total raised £920,000.
11th November. Armistice signed. Service of Thanksgiving held in the Market Place.
23rd November. Visit of the Prime Minister, Right Hon. D. Lloyd George, M. P. to receive the Freedom of the Borough.

5th June. Death of Francis Hawkyard Hinde, proprietor of the firm of Alfred Hinde and founder of The Wolverhampton Red Book.
15th July. Resignation of Sir Horatio Brevitt, Town Clerk and Clerk of the Peace for 37 years.
19th July. Peace Day. A Bank Holiday with celebrations held in the town.
16th October. Visit of Field Marshal Earl Haig to receive the Freedom of the Borough.

16th April. St. George's Hall collapsed with several casualities.

15th June. A.J.S. won the Junior Isle of Man T.T. on a machine ridden by Cyril Williams.

3rd February. Visit of Rt. Hon. H.H. Asquith, K.C., M.P., to the Drill Hall.
24th March. Conversion of Tramways from the Lorain to the  Overhead System. The first car ran on the Dudley Road route.
23rd April. Wolverhampton Wanderers beaten 1-0 by Tottenham Hotspur in the final for the English Cup, at Stamford Bridge.
30th May. A.J.S. won the Junior Isle of Man T.T.
16th June. A.J.S. won the Senior Isle of Man T.T. on a 349c.c. machine ridden by Howard Davies.
1st September. Collapse of the ceiling in the S.E. corner of St. Paul's Church. The organ was damaged and the church condemned as being unsafe for services.
23rd November to 5th December. Borough Extension Enquiry at the Town Hall.

7th February. Sir Alfred Bird, M.P. killed in a motor accident in London.
4th March. War Memorial Window to 6th South Staffs. Regiment unveiled in St. Peter's Church by Colonel Campbell, V.C., C.M.G., D.S.O.
20th July. Visit of H.R.H. the Duke of York, M.G., G.C.V.O. to distribute prizes at the Royal Orphanage.
14th August. The death of Andrew Meikle Editor of the Express & Star.
2nd November. Town War Memorial unveiled by Admiral Sir Doveton Sturdee, Bart., G.C.B., K.C.M.G., C.V.O., L.L.D. Funds raised by public subscription chiefly at the instigation of the Mayor, Councillor J. Thompson.

24th January. St. Paul's Church reopened by the Bishop of Lichfield.
15th April. Death of Charles Crump of Stafford Road Works, a well-known figure in the football world.
3rd May. Wolverhampton Wanderers welcomed by the Mayor at the Town Hall on return from Tranmere on promotion to 2nd Division.
2nd June. Formal opening of Wolverhampton Children's Holiday Camp at Kingswood.
13th June. H.R.H. The Prince of Wales visited the town on his tour of the Midlands and presented the Royal Charter of Incorporation to the General Hospital.

1st July. Corporation and Councillors visited the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley.