1950 to 1959

3rd February. Church of St. Michael and All Angels, Tettenhall, destroyed by fire.
9th February. Prime Minister, Clement Attlee, at the Civic Hall for an Election Speech.
20th February. Anthony Eden, M.P. visited the Drill Hall for an Election Speech.
24th February. J.E. Powell elected M.P. for S.W. Wolverhampton.
24th February. J. Baird elected M.P. for N.E. Wolverhampton.
25th February. Dr. J.F. Galloway appointed Medical Officer of Health for Wolverhampton.
22nd March. St. Mary's Church deconsecrated by Dr. E.S. Woods, Bishop of Lichfield.
24th March. Retirement of H.M. Foster, clerk to Wolverhampton Borough Magistrates. He was succeeded by T.T. Cropper.
29th March. Dinner and presentation to celebrate the diamond jubilee in journalism of Mr. W. Small, chief reporter, Express & Star.
5th April. Children's playground at Bantock Park opened by Councillor Bowdler.
18th May. Centenary of Royal Wolverhampton School.
17th June. King's Cup Air Race held at Wolverhampton Municipal Airport.
19th June. War Memorial dedicated at Wolverhampton Grammar School.
26th June. To commemorate W. Small's diamond jubilee in journalism, Wolverhampton Town Council presented him with a congratulatory resolution engraved on vellum in bookform.
6th July. Mrs. Winston Churchill visited Wolverhampton to open Morley House in Dunstall avenue.
14th July. Wolverhampton Floral Fete held for two days. The first time since 1938.
25th July. The retirement of Lt. Col. Gameson Lane, Headmaster of Wolverhampton Technical High School.
26th July. New Sons of Rest Pavilion opened in Heath Town Park.
28th July. Royal Assent to Wolverhampton Corporation Act.
18th October. Loss of £4,630 announced on the 1950 Floral Fete.
30th November. B.G. Grimley, Stipendiary Magistrate retired.
19th December. Death of W.H. Cartwright Sharp, K.C. Recorder of Wolverhampton since 1938.

1st January. New premises for the Wolverhampton Citizen's Advice Bureau opened in Mitre Fold.
12th January. Kenneth S. Wood took the oaths as Stipendiary Magistrate for South Staffordshire and as Justice of the Peace for Wolverhampton.
15th January. Wolverhampton Town Council accepted the proposal for a new inner ring road, at the estimated cost of £2,000,000.
25th January. Death of Sir Charles Mander, Honorary Freeman of Wolverhampton and twice Mayor of the Borough, Aged 66.
16th August. Death of Mr. J.V. Boswell.
25th August. Death of Mr. H.A. Page, solicitor, Vice Chairman of Wolverhampton Royal School.
10th September. Death of Lady Mary Mander, widow of Sir Charles Tertius Mander. A former Mayoress of Wolverhampton for four consecutive years.
29th September. St. Matthew's Church bell dedicated.
9th November. Tree planting ceremony, Kingswood Holiday Camp.
6th December. Dedication of the new Congregational Church, Penn, to replace demolished church at Snow Hill.
10th December. Death of Mr. Gerald P. Mander, Chairman of Wolverhampton Grammar School Governors. New chairman, Mr. H. Hallmark.
25th December. Diamond Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. G.E.J. Luce.

2nd January. Wedding of Mr. J.E. Powell, M.P. for South West Wolverhampton.
18th January. Jubilee of South Staffordshire Building Society.
7th February. Seretse Khama guest of  Wolverhampton Literary and Scientific Society.
23rd February. New scouts headquarters, Goodyear Park, opened by Bishop of Lichfield.
24th March. Lord Mayor of Birmingham visited Royal Wolverhampton School.
3rd April. Induction of the Rev. K.T. Donald James as pastor of Queen street Congregational Church.
29th April. Presentation in Council Chamber of badges to Ex-Mayoresses of Wolverhampton.
8th May. Municipal Elections: Labour majority.
6th June. Opening of Rotary Hall at the United Services Club, Waterloo road.
11th June. Jubilee of St. Barnabas' Church, Wednesfield road.
23rd June. Town Council accepted the resignation of Miss M. Atherton, Chief Librarian. Mr. F. Mason appointed as her successor.
30th June. Retirement of Miss G. Vaughan, Matron of Children's Hospital, Penn. After 40 years' hospital service.
1st July. Death of Mr. W.T. Beeston, former Chief Librarian of Wolverhampton.
7th July. Death of Mr. A.J. Long, Q.C. Recorder of Wolverhampton since 1951.
20th July. Centenary service at Holy Trinity Church, Heath Town.
22nd July. Presentation to Wolverhampton Girls' High School of a portrait of the late Sir Charles Mander, a former Governor and Chairman.
August 14th. Opening at Wednesfield of one of the first houses to be completed under Staffordshire County Council's overspill scheme.
4th September. Death of Mr. A. Duddell, Headmaster from 1898 to 1928 of St. Jude's School.
11th September. Death of Mr. George Stevens, a founder-member, past president and former secretary of Wolverhampton Rotary Club.
24th December. Death of Alderman C.W. Hill, associated with the local Labour movement for over 60 years.

11th January. Death of Dr. S.E. Woods, the Bishop of Lichfield.
23rd February. Wolverhampton rate for forthcoming year 21/-. Highest rate levied in the town so far.
28th March. Foundation stone laying at Springdale Methodist Church, Warstones Road.
18th May. Alderman Mrs. A.A. Braybrook became Wolverhampton's first woman Mayor.
22nd May. Death of Mr. Thomas Frost, member of the Town Council for 48 years.
11th June. Death of T.A. Stephens, Managing Director of Ceandess Ltd.
14th June. Rev. A.S. Reeve, Vicar and Rural Dean of Leeds, nominated Bishop of Lichfield.
6th August. Death of A.E. Cullwick, former secretary of the Wolverhampton area of the Master Printers Association.
27th August. Death of C.N. Wright, solicitor.
29th August. A.E.U. Centenary Celebrations at Wulfrun Hall.
8th September. Overspill; opening of the first house on the Knowle Estate, Wednesfield.
22nd September. Wolverhampton Market - Tenants' Centenary Dinner.
29th September. Territorial Association Club, Wednesfield, opened.
30th September. Tercentenary of opening of 2nd volume of Wolverhampton Parish Register. First one opened 350 years earlier.
11th October. Death of H.H. Tranter, Municipal Grammar School.
12th October. Death of Dr. A. Ogg, local Tuberculosis Officer.
14th October. The 5,000th Council House opened.
24th October. Opening of Springdale Methodist Church, Warstones Road.
6th November. National Union of Teachers, Wolverhampton branch, Jubilee Dinner.
14th November. Civic reception in the Town Hall for Rev. A.S. Reeve, Bishop of Lichfield.
15th November. Rev. A.S. Reeve, Bishop of Lichfield gave his first sermon in St. Peter's Church.
25th November. Death of A.C. Caporn, County Court Judge, 1939 to 1944.
4th December. Civic presentation to J. Brook Allon on his retirement from Town Clerkship.
10th December. Men's Own Provident Society share out £11,000.
12th December. Midland Federation of Trades' Councils at Town Hall.
21st December. Death of T.F. Kinloch (Presbyterian Church) and Director of Religion for Education Committee.
22nd December. Complimentary dinner to J. Brook Allon.

1st January. A.G. Dawtry took office as Town Clerk.
13th January. Death of C.H. Clapham of Kemp & Wilcox & T.A. Henn. A former Warden of St. Peter's.
14th January. Local Authorities conference on Canals held at Wednesfield.
19th January. Death of Harry Stevens of A.J.S. and Managing Director Stevens Bros. (W'ton) Ltd. Harry was the design genius behind most of the A.J.S. products.
24th January. Death of Alan Davies, Alderman, past mayor and an honorary Freeman of the Borough.
29th January. N.A.L.G.O. conference held in the Council Chamber.
2nd February. Death of S.G. Butler, Joint Managing Director of Joshua Bigwood and Sons Ltd.
3rd February. Opening of the new buildings for National Foundry College.
9th February. Death of Rev. T. Norman, 28 years Vicar of St Paul's Church.
22nd February. Town Council confirmed the appointment of Denis Grayson as Deputy Director of Education.
11th March. Local Authorities Conference about Highgate Common, held at the Town Hall.
13th March. Death of F. Stephens. Director of Henry Willcock & Co. Ltd. and past president of the Building Trades Employers' Association.
13th March. Death of Mrs. A.B. Bantock, twice Mayoress of Wolverhampton.
10th March. Foundation stone laying at the new Church in Windmill lane.
31st March. F. Lonsdale Mills, Director of Education retired after 9 years service. He was succeeded by his Deputy, G.W.R. Lines.
17th April. A.B. Scott appointed Secretary and Governor of the Royal Hospital, succeeding W. Cockburn.
18th April. S. Staffs Christian Endeavour Conference at the Tabernacle Baptist Church.
24th April. Wolverhampton Wanderers became 1st Division League Champions.
28th April. Death of Mrs. Graham, widow of J.D. Graham, former Chairman and Director of Midland News Association.
2nd May. Visit of Clement Attlee, M.P., to Labour Club, Littles Lane.
2nd May. Death of Ewart Guy, director of Guy Motors Ltd.
3rd May. Death of Rev. E.A. Sadler, Vicar of St. Jude's.
5th May. Bishop of Lichfield, Dr. Reeve, dedicated the Garden of Remembrance, Penn parish churchyard.
6th May. Opening of Eastfield Branch Library.
8th May. Opening of first Overspill Council House at Long Knowle, Wednesfield.
16th May. Education Week; Service in St. Peter's.
24th May. Alderman L.J. Woolridge elected Mayor of Wolverhampton.
25th May. Complimentary dinner to Mrs. A.A. Braybrook, retiring Mayor.
2nd June. Presentation to W. Cockburn on his retirement as Secretary and House Governor, Royal Hospital.
10th June. Demolition of St. Mark's. former day School, Darlington street.
10th June. Dedication of Bushbury Crematorium.
25th June. Strict Baptist Chapel, Temple Street, closed.
28th June. Death of Miss Lilian Perry, former member of Town Council.
28th June. Letter from Alderman J. Clark read to Town Council, resigning his seat as from June 30th. He had been a member for 42 years, had acted as Mayor and had been Chairman of the Education Committee since 1928.
29th June. J. Chamberlain, secretary of the local Institution for the Blind, appointed Chairman of National Association of Workshops for the Blind.
30th June. W.C. Forsyth, Head Postmaster since 1951 promoted to Bradford and was succeeded by J. Ashton on August 19th.
13th July. Councillor C. B. Clark elected Chairman of the Education Committee.
15th July. Demolition of Tong Castle.
1st August. Death of Rev. H.C. Carter, former Minister at Queen St. Congregational Church.
10th August. Death of A. Flavell, local organiser of the General Workers' Union.
16th August. Death of George Green, former Borough Engineer.
14th September. Celebration of 40th anniversary of Guy Motors Ltd.
17th September. Grenadier Guards Band march past Town Hall, Mayor, Alderman L.J. Woolridge took the salute.
18th September. Induction of the Rev. W.H. Simmonds as Vicar of St. Jude's.
7th October. Presentation by the proprietors of the Express & Star to J.E. Blackshaw on completion of 60 years service.
12th October. Death of J. Husbands, B.E.M., of the E.C.C. Works, Bushbury and member of Wednesfield District Council.
14th October. S.P.G. Exhibition at Wulfrun Hall.
15th October. St. Jude's Orphan Houses; transfer of finances to the Royal School.
18th October. Wolverhampton Bible Week opened.
21st October. Induction of Rev. C.J. Seeley as Minister of Lea road Congregational Church.
26th October. Midland Counties Championship Cat Show held at the Municipal Baths for the first time since 1902.
29th October. First Wolverhampton Women's Free Church Council; Mrs. L. Meres, first president.
30th October. Death of S. Walker, former president of Chamber of Commerce.
2nd November. Eightieth birthday of the "Evening Express", Wolverhampton's first daily newspaper, followed six years later by the "Evening Star" which in 1884 amalgamated under the title of the "Express & Star". Presentations were made to Mr. Malcolm Graham, Chairman and Managing Director of the "Express & Star" group of newspapers including the "Wolverhampton Chronicle", and Mr. J.D. Swallow, Director and General Manager. The Proprietors marked the occasion with a £1,000 cheque to the University of Birmingham.
8th November. Death of W.M.B. Furniss, Managing Director of the E.C.C. works and vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce. He was succeeded at the works by Mr. J.C. Milne.
9th November. Sir Frederick Storey of Nottingham appointed Chairman of Governors of the National Foundry College to succeed the late P.H. Wilson. The College was founded in 1948.
13th November. Mayor of Wolverhampton met a special train from Birmingham to commemorate the opening of the G.W.R. broad gauge lines.
13th November. Induction of Rev. W.C. Collins as Vicar of St. Luke's.
16th November. Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. beat Spartak (Moscow) by 4 - 0 at Molineux.
22nd November. Oswald Holroyd appointed Manager at Barnhurst Sewage Works.
25th November. Dinner to commemorate Mr. G.E.J. Luce's 40 years membership of Wolverhampton Freeholders Permanent Building Society.
28th November. Death of Rev. J.C. Enser, vicar of All Saints Church.
1st December. S.M. Gore. Deputy Town Clerk, appointed Secretary of London Electricity Board.
4th December. Bishop of Lichfield laid the foundation stone of St. Joseph's Mission Church, Merry Hill.
9th December. Wolverhampton Round Table Silver Jubilee.
10th December. Diamond Jubilee of Grand Theatre.
13th December. Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. beat Honved (Hungary) by 3 - 2 at Molineux.
13th December. Bishop of Lichfield inducted Rev. M. McNicol as Vicar of St. Mark's.
14th December. Death of H.C. Jarman, Superintendent and Chief Engineer at the Civic Hall.

1st January. New Year's Honours List: W. Small of the "Express & Star" awarded an M.B.E.
27th January. Appointment of the Rev. Isaac T. Daniel to succeed the Rev. M. Tron as Vicar of St. Chads.
11th February. Death of ex-Councillor J.W. Smith, Secretary of Wolverhampton Trades Council.
16th February. Rev. Edward Shannon appointed Vicar of All Saint's.
17th February. Death of Mrs. G.A. Wood, Mayoress from 1927 to 1929.
23rd February. Death of G.J. Williams, former member of Town Council.
23rd February. Imperial Service Medal awarded to three local postmen; F.B. Hipkiss, R. Hodgkins and H. Kirkham.
28th February. Wolverhampton Council decided to levy a rate of 22/6 in the £, the highest rate in the borough's history.
7th March. Silver Jubilee of the Wolverhampton Inner Wheel.
8th March. W. Small, formerly chief reporter of the Express & Star, received an M.B.E. from the Queen at Buckingham Palace.
9th March. Death of Peter B. Bell, aged 37, Chief reporter of the Express & Star.
16th March. The ecclesiastical parish of St. James was merged with the parishes of St. Peter's and St. Stephen's.
19th March. Silver Jubilee of the Wolverhampton Rambling Club.
21st March. John Wilbrey from Whitmore Secondary School was the first local boy to gain an English National Schools Boxing Title.
23rd March. Resignation of Alex Annan after 40 years as secretary of the South Staffordshire Building Society.
28th March. South Staffordshire Regiment, as part of 250th anniversary celebrations paraded in the town centre. The Mayor took the salute.
29th March. Mrs. Emily Hudson, 79 Merridale street West, celebrated her 100th birthday.
6th April. Fiftieth anniversary of Staffordshire Society.
6th April. Wolverhampton retained the West Midlands Snooker Trophy.
9th April. Death of W. Clifford, former manager of Corporation Sewage Works.
14th April. Death of H.B. Robinson, former Borough Engineer.
16th April. Dedication of the rebuilt Tettenhall Church by the Bishop of Lichfield.
18th April. Death of Major Eustace Lees, a former Secretary of the Eye Infirmary.
19th April. Death of G.W. Harness, former Managing Director of the Engraving Co. Ltd.
21st April. Death of Mrs. Warren, wife of T.A. Warren, former Director of Education.
30th April. Death of Major S.J. Thompson, formerly Governing Director of John Thompson Ltd.
10th May. Death of D.N. Gibbons, managing Director of Wm. Gibbons Ltd., and President of Wolverhampton Master Printers' Association.
14th May. Retirement of R.J. Wiley, assistant Clerk of the Peace since 1912.
22nd May. Death of George Bottley, one of the oldest stallholders in Wolverhampton's covered market.
23rd May. Election of Ald. Frank Mansell as Mayor for 1955-56.
31st May. Retirement of Frank Squires, on the administrative staff of the Royal Hospital for over 53 years.
6th June. Death of R.J.T. Hagyard, director for many years of E.E. Hall Ltd., Newbridge and Deacon of Penn Congregational Church.
8th June. Death of P.J. Jemmett, Chairman and Managing Director of Manley and Regulus, and past President of the Wolverhampton Chamber of Commerce.
16th June. Death of R.E. Berryman, local trader for over 50 years and prominent Freemason and ex-Councillor.
25th June. Retirement of Detective Chief Inspector Alfred Gwilliam, head of Wolverhampton C.I.D. after 30 years service. He was succeeded by Insp. Thomas Henry Cain.
2nd and 3rd July. The Sunbeam Register (S.T.D.) Veteran Car Rally.
2nd July. Presentation to Brother Louis, Headmaster of St. Chad's College, to mark his retirement.
18th July. Rev. David Abell Wood appointed Priest-in-Charge, and later, Vicar of St. George the Martyr.
28th July. Wolverhampton won the West Midlands Inter-town Municipal Gardens Trophy presented by the Express & Star.
3rd August. The Mayor, Ald. F. Mansell visited Moscow at the invitation of Moscow Council.
3rd August. M.N. Thornley appointed Stationmaster at the High Level Station following the retirement of J.W. Tinnion.
4th August. Death of Mrs. E.A. Davies, former Mayoress and widow of Ald. A. Davies.
25th August. Death of Cyril E. Hall, former Group-master of Wolverhampton Sea Scouts and a member of the Boy Scouts' Local Association.
1st September. Opening of new Merridale Court flats by the Mayor.
3rd September. J.M. Deaville appointed Manager of South Staffs. Building Society in succession to Alex Annan, who continued service on the Board.
3rd September. Death of Councillor Thomas G. Williams, former President of the Wolverhampton Law Society.
6th September. Basil Thomas, Director of Wolverhampton Repertory Company, resigned to devote additional time to playwriting.
8th September. Earl of Dartmouth laid the foundation stone, with Masonic honours, to a £15,000 extension to the boys' school at the Royal Wolverhampton School.
10th September. Viking Cycle team won the Team Award in the 1955 Tour of Britain by 33 minutes. The largest margin ever recorded.
12th September. The Rev. Brother Thaddeus was appointed as Headmaster of St. Chad's College.
15th September. Removal from School Street to 18 Chapel Ash of the Wolverhampton's Conservative Central Offices.
16th September. Death of L.S. Amery, former Conservative and Tariff Reform Candidate for the old Wolverhampton East constituency.
24th September. Death of Major A.W. Walker, former Governor of the Royal Wolverhampton School.
2nd October. Miss Norah Croft, a Church worker in Penn Parish, was ordained Deaconess by the Bishop of Lichfield, in Penn Church.
7th October. Death of the Rev. W.F.P. Ellis, former Vicar of St. George's Church.
9th October. B. Haskell, Viking cycle rider, won the 1955 British Professional Hill Climb Championship.
15th October. Death of the Rev. J.T. Crathorne, Vicar of Bushbury for 36 years.
23rd October. Death of Sir Richard Paget, formerly of Old Fallings Hall.
25th October. Visit to Wolverhampton of M. Yasnov, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Moscow City Soviet.
2nd November. It was announced that Warren Derry had resigned as headmaster of Wolverhampton Grammar School. He had held the post for 27 years.
5th November. Dr. Reeve, Bishop of Lichfield, opened St. Joseph's Mission Church, Merry Hill.
8th November. Death of T.A. Clarkson, managing director of T. Clarkson & Son, Snowhill.
9th November. Wolves beat Moscow Dynamo team 2-1 at Molineux.
11th November. Closing service at St. James's Church. (Demolished June 1956).
14th November. Death of B.E. Hunt, ex-Councillor and former joint-managing director of the Chillington Tool Co. Ltd.
20th November. Last Service in Bethel Methodist Church, Dudley road.
30th November. Death of P.S. Bayliss, J.P., former director of Bayliss, Jones and Bayliss, Ltd.

3rd January. Death of the Rev. M. Brodrick of Holy Rosary Church, Hickman av.
8th January. Death of J.R. Bennett, organist at St. Paul's Church for 36 years.
11th January. Visit of the Moderator of the Free Church Federal Council of England and Wales, the Rev. F. P. Copland Simmons, to address the local Federal Council meeting.
18th January. Death of Ernest Burslem, formerly governing director of E. Burslem and Son, Ltd.
19th February. Great fire at Wolverhampton Hippodrome, Queen Square. The largest fire in the town for seven years.
24th February. Death of Miss M. Atherton, former Chief Librarian in Wolverhampton.
14th March. Death of Mrs. T. Frost, former Mayoress of Wolverhampton.
14th March. Star & Garter Hotel up for sale by auction; withdrawn at £122,000.
15th March. Death of Charles Holmes, former Bandmaster of Wolverhampton Borough Band.
15th March. Wolverhampton Town Clerk, Mr. A.G. Dawtry, appointed Town Clerk of Westminster.
9th April. Henry Gregory appointed as Mayor's Sergeant and Macebearer in Wolverhampton.
9th April. Death of W.M. Furniss, a former Chairman of the Electric Construction Company and a former Alderman.
18th April. Death of Miss M. Carter, former Superintendent of Midwives in Wolverhampton.
28th April. Death of G.R. Jenks, Chairman and managing director of A.E. Jenks and Cattell, and Chairman of Wolverhampton Council of Boys' Clubs.
1st May. C.E. Franklin, Wolverhampton Mayor's Sergeant and Macebearer, since June 1945, became officially full-time organiser of the Aldersley Sports Stadium.
7th May. R.J. Meddings, Deputy Town Clerk of Wolverhampton, appointed to succeed A.G. Dawtry as Town Clerk.
12th May. Death of E.W. Page, C.A., former International and Midland hockey player.
28th May. Election of Alderman G. Rastall as Mayor of Wolverhampton for 1956-57.
29th May. Election of John Ireland as President of Wolverhampton Rotary Club for 1956-57.
4th June. The Mayor, Ald. G. Rastall, and a Civic Party left Wolverhampton on a civic visit to Moscow.
6th June. Appointment of Owen H. Dickinson, history master at Lancaster Royal Grammar School as headmaster of the Royal Wolverhampton School, in succession to F. H. Towle.
6th June. Death of W. Stuttard, M.P.S. a prominent member of Wolverhampton Photographic Society.
9th June. Official opening by film star Jack Hawkins of the Sports Stadium at Aldersley.
15th June. Death of A.J. Stevens, one of the brothers who founded A.J.S. in Wolverhampton 50 years ago.
20th June. Ald. F. Mansell, Deputy Mayor, elected President of Association of Civic Heads.
21st June. Wolverhampton Technical College to be the main centre (other than Harwell) in the U.K. for radio-chemistry tuition.
19th June. Death of Fredk. A. Grainger, 9 years member of Town Council.
25th June. Confirmation of appointment (from Sept. 17th) of A. H. M. Smyth, M.A., of Devon, as Deputy Town Clerk.
29th June. Death of F.W. Hand, associated nearly 50 years with local Poor Law and Public Assistance; Chairman of the Citizens' Advice Bureau, and 25 years Vicar's Warden of St. Paul's.
7th July. Death of Arthur Tandy, a former president of Wolverhampton and District Butchers' Association.
28th July. Presentation by Wolverhampton Grammar School to Warren Deny on his resignation, after 27 years as headmaster of the school. He is succeeded by E.R. Taylor.
21st July. Canon J. Brierley, rector of Wolverhampton unveiled an Oak memorial in the chapel of the Royal Wolverhampton School to commemorate 28 former pupils of the school who gave their lives in the last war.
27th August. Death of J.E. Dideridge, warden of St. Peter's Church, former member of Wolverhampton Town Council and a former collector for nearly 18 years for the Royal Hospital.
6th to 9th September. Russian delegation from Moscow visited Wolverhampton.
12th September. Harley's vaults, Queen Square, realised £27,700 at an auction sale.
20th September. Death at Heath Town of Samuel Tatton, a former member of Wolverhampton Town Council.
21st September. Opening in Wednesfield of the 1,000th house for overspill tenants from Wolverhampton.
27th September. Presentation of a radio set to Arthur Oakley, vice chairman of the Wolves Football Club, and former president of the Football League.
1st October. Death of E.J. Nicholls, leader of Central Boy's Club.
3rd October. Dinner to celebrate the Jubilee of the Wolverhampton Head Teacher's Association.
6th October. Death of E.R. Cowin (Muras & Co.) one of Wolverhampton's Corporation auditors.
11th October. Opening of the Branch Library in Warstones Road, Penn.
19th October. Presentation to Canon J. Brierley, in celebration of his 70th birthday.
23rd October. Death of R. Butler, a director of James Baker & Son Ltd.
25th October. Death of C.M. Warner, Chemist, Chapel Ash, warden at St. Jude's Church, and a member of Lichfield Diocesan Readers' Association.
25th October. Death of Ralph Biddulph, deacon of Queen Street Congregational Church, director and secretary of Steel Parts Ltd., West Bromwich and prominent leader in local Boy Scout movements.
28th October. Dedication of stained glass window in Bushbury Church in memory of the Rev. J.T. Crathorne, vicar of Bushbury from 1919 till his death in 1955.
29th October. Wolverhampton Wanderers beat Roumanian C.C.A. at Molineux by 5 goals to nil.
16th November. Death of Miss M.W. Millar a former matron at the Royal Hospital. She retired in 1941 after 23 years service.
19th November. Death of A.R. Farbon, director of James Beattie, Ltd.
21st November. Death of S.H. Tonks (S. Tonks & Son) a former warden for many years at St. Peter's Church.
22nd November. Richard Underwood appomted Mayor's sergeant in succession to H. Gregory.
5th December. World Cup qualifying competition at Molineux. England 5, Denmark 2.

9th January. Death of W.M. Iliff, first secretary of the former Sunbeam Motor Car Company and a director of Wolverhampton Freeholders' Permanent Building Society.
11th January. Presentation by Wolverhampton Borough Justices to Mr. Geoffrey Mander of a silver salver to mark his 50 years service as a borough magistrate.
14th January. Official notice of approval by the Privy Council of a revision of Wolverhampton's Municipal wards to take effect in March 1958.
20th January. Death of H.B. Willcock, former Managing Director of H. Willcock & Co. Ltd., Darlington Street.
30th January. Longest Quarter Sessions in 30 years of legal memory. 41 cases listed.
1st February. Charles Wheeler, president of the Royal Academy opened an exhibition in the Art Gallery of works by Sidney Carver.
11th February. Earth tremors recorded in 11 counties in the Midlands including Staffordshire.
17th March. Death of C.H. Barnett, formerly of Walker, Barnett & Hill a well known Free-mason.
29th March. The Mayor, Alderman G. Rastall opened the 1000th house erected by the Corporation Building Department.
31st March. Closing Services at Stafford Street Congregational Church which was opened 71 years ago as a mission church to Queen Street Congregational Church.
1st April. Death of Harry Bowdler, Mayor of Wolverhampton 1949 to 1950.
11th April. Annual Assembly of Staffordshire Congregational Union in Penn Congregational Church. First meeting of the Assembly in Penn.
13th April. New Methodist Church Opened on Rake Gate Estate.
22nd April. Death of Caroline M. Lewis, former Mayoress of Wolverhampton and former Borough Magistrate.
1st May. Death of F.W. Bayliss, a former Director of Bayliss, Jones and Bayliss.
17th May. Death of E.G. Whitehead, one of the founders of the Die Casting Co. Ltd.
20th May. Alderman Mrs. R.F. Ilsley elected mayor of Wolverhampton.
27th May. Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Fisher, addressed Lichfield diocesan conference in the Civic Hall.
24th June. William Small completed 50 years service at the Express & Star.
25th June. Death of Alderman Joseph Haddock, mayor of Wolverhampton 1930 to 1931.
2nd July. Induction of H.W. Hughes as president of the Wolverhampton Rotary Club.
2nd July. Clifford Beswick of Islington appointed to succeed T.H. Roberts as manager of the Civic Hall.
9th July. Robert Scott of Bolton Technical College appointed to succeed C.L. Old as principal of the Wolverhampton and Staffordshire College of Technology, to take effect on January lst 1958.
9th July. Death of A.J. Wesson, well known industrialist, at his home, Moseley Court, Fordhouses.
18th July. Ordination and induction of the Rev. C.W. Matheson at the Presbyterian Church, Merridale Road, in succession to the Rev. J. Gibson Forsyth.
20th July. East Park Methodist Church opened by Mrs. Davis Green.
31st July. Death at Brewood of James Lester (Walker, Barnett & Hill) well known rating valuation expert.
1st August. Death of W. Harper, former secretary and house governor of the Royal Hospital. He retired in 1942, having been associated, in various capacities at the Royal since 1898.
25th September. Sydney S. Guy who founded Guy Motors Ltd. announced his retirement as chairman and managing director of the Company.

Wolves skipper Billy Wright married Joy Beverley of the Beverley Sisters singing group.

15th May. The Queens Cinema reopened as a ballroom.
Boiler blast rocked new the Market Hall and broken glass was strewn across Peel Street. The blast was caused by a bitumen boiler overflowing and coming into contact with a gas cylinder.