Telford Gardens

This development received a commendation in 1963.  The architect was John F. Phillips and Associates for John McLean and Sons Ltd., who were also the contractors.

The citation reads:  "This scheme appeared to be a good example of modern terrace development, well designed, sited and landscaped.  The development represents a successful attempt to create a new kind of urban development".

McLean's were not Span, but like Span they tried hard and were, for their time, quite innovative, being influenced by North American practice.  Another nearby example of their innovative efforts can be seen in their later Spinney development.  Telford Gardens include several stretches of terraces facing the road but this corner is rather more unusual in that it attempts to produce a communal, village green effect with quasi-Radburn undertones in the separation of the houses from the traffic. This is nice enough but the problem of the separate garage block was not resolved - not by McLean's or anyone else.

When the citation talks about a new kind of urban development it may be referring to the fact that in the late 50s and early 60s there had been many attempts to recapture the advantages of terraces - especially cheapness in construction and land use - without the disadvantages of by-law (and worse) terrace housing which had considerably lessened the public's opinions of terraces.

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