Princess Lofts, corner of Princess Street and Berry Street

The date stone on the tower gives the date of 1889.  It was apparently built for Thomas Howell, a wool merchant, as offices, showrooms and warehouse.   

The tower with date stone in the form of two terracotta tiles.

Mrs. V. A. Bellingham, of Wednesfield, writes that her mother, May Thomas, nee Vaughan, left school in 1924 at the age of 14, and went to work with her sister for Thomas Howell, at first in Thornley Street and then in these premises.

She worked for them until around 1934. She says that there were rolls of suiting material kept there and that customers would visit to order their suit material which was then made up for them. The boss was a Mr. Burden and a Mr. Dando was the manager.

In later years it had many uses, including, it seems, making bicycles.  

It was derelict for very many years but has now been restored as a pub on the ground floor and lofts above.  The building was opened for these new uses in 2001.

The false gable on the Berry Street facade.

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