Wolverhampton's Listed Buildings

Holy Trinity Church and Lich Gates

Church Street, Heath Town

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Listing: 1849 by Edward Banks. Decorated Gothic Style. A well proportioned example of an Ecclesiological church with good interior features. Lych Gate Memorial c.1920.


holytrinity.jpg (28084 bytes) The land was donated by John  Moor Paget, the local landowner.

The industrialist Henry Rogers gave £1000 towards the cost.

He laid the foundation stone on 4th June and an appeal was made for funds. The Church officially opened in 1852.


This 1980s view shows the church before it was obscured by the surrounding trees.

The lich gates, which are also a war memorial, can be seen in front of the church.

The slate panels are inscribed with the names of the war dead. 

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