Wolverhampton's Listed Buildings

Barclays Bank

1 and 3 Lichfield Street

Listing:  1876 with later alterations. By T. H. Fleeming. High Victorian Gothic Style.

Pevsner:  ... large and varied Gothic .. by Thomas Henry Fleeming, c.1876 and later.

Plaque:  commemorates Fleeming and gives the date 1876. Refers to the style as Gothick.

Comment: This buildings was built in two parts but the join is not noticeable. What seems to have been the original entrance can be seen on the left of the photo above, under the oriel window where the ATM now is. Architecturally it is all of a piece, though Victorian Gothic seems a much better label than Gothick.

The building dominates this corner of Queen Square and occupies a site cleared as part of the Lichfield Street improvement. The previous buildings on the site included a large timber framed house, which came further forward than the Bank;  that corner was the usual target for artists, including Turner. The present building does cut off St. Peter's from Queen Square; there is a story that, when it was first built, a society was established with the sole purpose of getting the top floor removed, to make the church more visible.  In fact the top floor was, for a long time (and after the demolition of their previous home, the Deanery) rented to the Conservative Club.