Wolverhampton's Listed Buildings

22 Lichfield Street


Listing: c.1820. C20 shop front. Formerly offices of the Commissioners for Bilston prior to elected local government representatives.

Comment: So the Tudor beams are thin strips of wood, stuck on (and now partly falling off). But there is a good building somewhere in there. This photo of the right return shows the doorcase and window which are the only external survivors of the original building and which date it.  

This is a building which was once an important one in the central core of Bilston.  

To the right is the street called "The Orchard".  It still contains one printer but in the past has been home to many.  Most of the buildings are now in poor condition or demolished.  But it still retains some atmosphere and there are plans to revamp the street, if finance can be found.  It would be a worthwhile rescue project.