Wolverhampton's Listed Buildings

34 Mount Pleasant


Listing: Office of Wolverhampton District Electric Tramways Ltd.. 1902. WDT Ltd. electrified the existing horse drawn tramway routes in the area; the site comprised the offices, a transformer station and the repair and paint shop. The depot was converted for the use of trolley buses, 1928-30, and closed 1965.

Comment: The unusually explanatory listing tells the story. WDET was part of the British Electric Traction Group which had been buying up tramways around but outside the boundaries of the then Borough of Wolverhampton.  BET grouped them together in WDET, who built this building and the adjoining depot (to the right of the offices in the picture above) as their new headquarters.  

Note that this site produced electricity for the tramway and not for the town.  That came from the Midland Electric Power and Distribution Company.

The building is also important as part of an important group of 19th century buildings, mainly in red brick and buff terracotta, along Mount Pleasant.

The building to the left (unlisted)  was also part of the tramway set up.

BET logo in the central name stone.