Wolverhampton's Listed Buildings

8 Lichfield Street


Listing: House, new offices and bank. mid C18 and 1870s.

Comment:  The house, to the left, is mid 18th century and a fine Georgian house  But who built it?  An industrialist? A landowner? 

There may be evidence about the bit on the right in Birmingham City Archives, where the catalogue indicates that call no. MS1460/62 are documents of H. R. Yeoville Thomas, a Birmingham architect, relating to "addition to bank to form new banking hall" in Bilston.  The documents are dated 1880-81.  This building seems to be the only candidate for that sort of work at that sort of date in Bilston.  But would someone look it up, please?

The house has, on its left return wall, overlooking the memorial park, a Blue Plaque to Sir Henry Newbolt.