Wolverhampton's Listed Buildings

Pipe Hall


Listing: c.1810

Comment: When this building was originally listed it was the Top Cats Night Club. Before that it was used for various entertainment purposes, including, I think, a cinema; and at one point it was a pub called The Carousel. It is now (2003) called Roar, has been painted up and looks a lot better than it has done in recent years.

The Pipe family were large local landowners by Elizabethan times and Sir Richard Pipe was Sheriff of London in 1572 and Lord Mayor of London in 1578.  The Bilston seat seems to have been on or near this spot, this building being known locally as Pipe Hall, and Pipe Meadow being nearby.  Also in the vicinity is the little street known as The Orchard which is supposed to have been the orchard attached to this house. But the last of the line died in the mid C18 before this building was built. So what was the earlier history of this building?  All further information gratefully received.