Wolverhampton's Listed Buildings

Farm Buildings

West of Bushbury Hall

Listing:  Late C18. Included for group value.

Comment:  The list does not say what group it is that has the value. It may be a grouping with Bushbury Hall which is just to the right of this photo and even with Bushbury Church which is just to the right of that. Or it may be some notion that the buildings themselves form a group with each other.  But it doesn't matter much. The set of buildings seem to have been built all at the same time and are a good example of the kind of farm improvement that was common in the area at the time.  The buildings are also set in some of the last remaining fields in Bushbury which was, almost until the 1930s, an entirely agricultural parish. They are an important reminder of this history.  Together with the hall and the church they form an old and rural scene in what is now almost entirely a suburban parish.

Planning permission exists for the conversion of these buildings into residential accommodation.  That now seems to be the fate - and the only way of saving - isolated barns.  The plans look pretty good and at the time of writing (September 2006) the land is being marketed.