Wolverhampton's Listed Buildings

The Clevelands

Tettenhall Road

Thanks to the Trust for permission to enter and photograph.

Listing: House. 1840s.

Comment: a typical gentleman's residence, one of the many which were built along Tettenhall Road in the 19th century.  This one is now part of the Wolverhampton Rehabilitation Hospital.

This funny little building is at the back of Clevelands.  It is part of the listed building, thought not separately mentioned.  

Bryan Youngs, when working at the hospital made enquiries about it.  He writes:  "Apparently this was used as a weeping chapel:  when any of the women staying at the West Park Hospital, when it was the Women's Hospital, had lost someone close to them, they were allowed to go to the chapel to weep or just be alone for a while".

But can this be, what it was built for?