Wolverhampton's Listed Buildings

Grand Theatre

Lichfield Street

Listing: 1893-4. by C.J.Phipps. Renaissance style. The listing quotes "SAVE": "This is among the most important of Phipps' remaining theatres and he regarded it as one of his most successful designs".

Comment: In late Victorian times there were only two really fashionable theatre architects and Phipps was one of them.  This is the best of his efforts and puts it on the circuit of students of theatre architecture. It well merits being Grade II*.

When built it was the only serious theatre in Wolverhampton - all the others were basically musical halls - and can be taken as a symbol of the town's cultural aspirations at the time. From time to time it is refurbished at great expense, the latest effort having been completed in 1999. The auditorium is very splendid.  The theatre's year is made up of a pantomime, touring shows, local amateur productions and, recently, a rep season; all told that provides a variety to suit all tastes and it attracts coach parties and others from far and wide.  

For the context of the Grand in theatre history and further information about C. J. Phipps, see:  John Earl, British Theatres and Music Halls, Shire Books, 2005.