Wolverhampton's Listed Buildings

2, 3, 22 Lichfield Passage

including 4, 7, 8 Wulfruna Street

Listing: Late C18. Interesting survival of late C18 shops, surviving re-development of Lichfield Street area in 1870s

Comment: The addresses given in the official listing are rather obscure but it refers to this corner building facing Wulfruna Street and its return down Lichfield Passage. 

When Lichfield Street was redeveloped these were probably the only buildings between Lichfield Street and Wulfruna Street that were not either tumbling down or directly in the path of the road widening. They are now surrounded by new buildings from the late 19th century rebuilding - Royal Assurance, Midland Bank, Art Gallery. They make an attractive contribution to the townscape and Lichfield Passage can be a pleasant little discovery to those exploring the town.

About ten years ago the exterior of the buildings was renovated, mainly, as I recollect, at the expense of the Borough.  They became run down again and another, more thorough going, renovation was started in 2001 and completed in late 2003.  Apart from the corner shop the buildings are intended to be used by artists and craftspeople.  

In 2005 the city council started building new galleries for the Art Gallery which stands behind these buildings.  This will leave the backs of these buildings facing the new galleries and the opportunity will be taken to make them more accessible from and better integrated with the Art Gallery.