Wolverhampton's Listed Buildings

34 - 50 Lichfield Street

Listing:  Terrace of 6 shops and offices.  c.1875.   The Posada has original front.  Built as part of the redevelopment of Lichfield Street.


A row of offices with shops under, dating from the rebuilding of Lichfield Street after the 1880s clearance. 

Like the other shops and offices along this frontage it reflects the need of an expanding industrial town for offices for not only industrial and commercial companies but also for solicitors, accountants and the like.

The Posada seems to have been incorporated into the building from the beginning, which is interesting (and, maybe, a bit surprising).

Left:  part of the interior of the Posada, showing tiling from floor to ceiling.

Right:  the entrance way, showing tiled walls and mosaic floor.

Photos by Duncan Nimmo.