Wolverhampton's Locally Listed Buildings

8 to 10 High Meadows

Listing: 8 to 10 High Meadows, Compton.

Comment:  Pair of houses constructed in c.1960 using reclaimed timbers and other materials from older buildings. The salvage and reuse of materials from ancient buildings being demolished to make way for road widening and redevelopment was a popular approach to building a unique and characterful house in the mid 20th century, and also a means of preserving heritage under threat. The most famous example in Wolverhampton is Castlecroft Gardens which was created by Major Hutchinson Smith.

Although the architect of this pair of houses in currently unknown they are an attractive pair of houses which illustrate a fairly late example of this tradition. Further research is required, but on the basis of current information these building are worthy of inclusion on the Local List.