Wolverhampton's Locally Listed Buildings

Barr & Grosvenor Foundry

Jenner Street

Listing:   This group of buildings comprises a central three storey section with fine gauged brick, flat and segmental arches over openings, plus two unmatched two storey ranges to the East and West. That to the West has been substantially altered but the East building, although plain, is unaltered. William Jones is listed as a brass founder at these premises

Comment:  The works here still seem to be in full swing.  This building is an archetype of Wolverhampton industrial premises.  It has red brick walls with blue brick details, segmental arch windows with iron frames; and it seems to have grown with the business within.  The centre section is of classier pressed brick with a pediment and wooden window frames, where the offices would have been.  The building is narrow - to let light in from both sides.  All this is typical of the town - even its size is about average: there were, eventually, some larger ones and many smaller ones, but nearly all in the same style which is, in effect, Wolverhampton vernacular.  There are not many of them left.  Those that are, like this one, must be preserved.