Wolverhampton's Locally Listed Buildings

The Bradmore Arms

Trysull Road


Comment:  Apparently built as a pub, presumably to serve the Bradmore area that was being developed by both council and private housing.  In recent years it has been various sorts of restaurant, the name of the chain changing with some frequency.  In 2002 it survived an application for planning permission to demolish it and to replace it (and the house behind it) with a supermarket.  Such a development was inappropriate for the area, did not seem to meet traffic needs and would have been an eyesore.  It also turned out that people rather liked the building, perhaps not just because they were familiar with it and it had become part of the familiar scene, but also because its quirkiness gave a bit of a lift to the area.  I suppose the dominant style is tudorbethan, with that applied half timbering and, perhaps, those stone mullioned windows;  but where on earth the doorcase heads came from, one does not know. 

The building stands on a busy junction and is well worth preserving.