Wolverhampton's Locally Listed Buildings

10 Church Hill Drive

Listing:  1964.  Mason Richards, architects (job architects: P. Rothan and D. W. Billingsley).  Detached International Modern bungalow.  Painted brick, flat roof, timber cornice, full-depth windows,  Raised two-storey box at one end.  Long thin plan with wings.

Comment:  This area of Tettenhall has large houses of many ages, from later Georgian through to the late 20th century.  This house - which has a large floor area, although it is low - sits in a part of Tettenhall which vast Victorian residences all round.  It makes no concession at all to its neighbours but it lies there, elegantly geometrical, and surprisingly unobtrusively, amongst the silver birches.  It is about the only house in this style which we have in Wolverhampton and it is well done and worth keeping.  At present (2004) it is in somewhat scruffy condition but there are signs of activity and it is to be hoped that it will become pristine again.  This style needs to be smart to succeed.