Wolverhampton's Locally Listed Buildings

Congregational Church

Chapel Street, Bilston

Listing: Locally listed in 2004.

Comment:  This chapel may be small but the big guns were brought to bear on it.  The architect was Bidlake, one of the top Wolverhampton architects, and the builder was Hickman, a large, high class firm of builders, also from Wolverhampton.  The foundation stone was laid by S. S. Mander of the amazingly rich Mander family - from Wolverhampton.  Perhaps Mander paid for it.

The front is rendered but the sides are painted brick.  It is likely that the front was originally unadorned brick and that the labels over the windows are terracotta.

Although the chapel stands in Chapel Street it faces straight down Temple Street - to which it provides a nice architectural stop, in an area in need of something.