Wolverhampton's Locally Listed Buildings

334 Dudley Road

Listing:   The property was built in 1914 as part of a short terrace and an offset shopfront was added at a slightly later date to the corner property. This shopfront survives intact and is one of very few early historic shopfronts to survive in the city. Largely glazed with curved glazing to the corner, the structure retains a majority of its original fixtures and fittings, including awning chains and props, although some of the timber sections are in poor condition. This is a rare survivor and is a local landmark being set on a prominent corner on one of the main routes into the city centre.

Comment:  Built as part of the slow and piecemeal development of Blakenhall.  The land alongside Dudley Road was, in the main, developed first.  Development moved out from the Wolverhampton end until, at about this point, it started to tie up with older development around the Fighting Cocks.  The whole area is currently the subject of any number of schemes all aimed at re-vitalising a run down district.  This amazing survivor is just the sort of thing that is needed to give the area a sense of place, history and identity.  It needs rescuing.