Wolverhampton's Locally Listed Buildings

The Merry Hill

Trysull Road

Listing: The Merry Hill, Trysull Road, Merry Hill.

Comment:  An L-shaped plan which responds well to its prominent corner site in a local shopping centre.

At first sight very conventional, with a brick ground floor, and half timbered above. In fact it is carefully detailed: beautiful thin orange-brown bricks with occasional blues, laid in Sussex bond.

The timber work is done with sure judgement, with curving cross braces at the ends and a little decorative work in the square panels. All is topped by a sprocketed hipped roof and well placed chimneys.

The garden has been partly built-on and partly turned into a car park, but a small part survives. There is a flanking brick wall to Trysull Road which ends in a square pier with a handsome ball finial.

An attractive and popular pub that is a great asset to the area.