Wolverhampton's Locally Listed Buildings

The Mount Tavern

Penn Road

Listing: The Mount Tavern, Penn Road, Penn.

Comment: A complicated history: a first design in a restrained Jacobean style was submitted in 1935 and re-submitted in 1938 almost unaltered. In 1939 a slightly smaller scheme in Tudor revival with half-timbered gables was approved.

The design was built, but without the half-timbering on the gables, which like most of the elevations are plainly rendered. There is evidence in Wolverhampton Archives that the pub may not have been built, or at least completed until 1941, which may have been a wartime measure.

It is quite a careful design, as seen in the sprocketed roof and placing of the chimneys, and loses nothing from the plainer treatment.

At the rear is a Garden Room with a bowed end and a circular roof feature.