Wolverhampton's Locally Listed Buildings

Rose Villas, No. 1 including 72-78 Broad Street

Shale Street, Bilston


Listing: Locally listed in 2004.  Two storey terraced housing with striking roof line, including circular corner tower.  Landmark value.

Comment:  According to Ron Davies ("Bilston, Bradley and Ladymoor: a Third Selection, Sutton Publishing, 2003) "Rose Villas in Broad Street were only saved in the nick of time by the then Bilston Conservative Association, as being the only remaining domestic Victorian Gothic architecture left in the town".  They were restored in the 1980s.

This seems to be an unusual sponsor of a restoration project.  More details would be interesting. And why "Gothic"?  If anything, isn't the style sort of Victorian Improved Georgian with Scottish Arts and Crafts knobs on?   But, whoever did what, the buildings were certainly worth saving and they do much to enhance their vicinity.