Wolverhampton's Locally Listed Buildings

The Spring Hill

Warstones Road

Listing: The Spring Hill, Warstones Road, Penn.

Comment: One of the architect Twentyman's most significant pubs, built on a curving plan to address the site and give the rear loggia a garden outlook.

The main front expresses this easy convex curve and its movement is stopped by the projecting wings at each end.

The original form and detail of the main block are now submerged under an immature recent central porch, and huge amounts of applied weatherboarding.

However the entrance doors survive in the wings, facing inwards, as do the ground floor windows with moulded surrounds.

To the left, part of the original loggia (three arches, now blocked, of an original five) survive, but beyond them is a new cross wing. Twentyman's design still makes a substantial contribution to the townscape at a road junction.

The building, designed by one of the area's more important architects, greatly enhances a busy road junction. It is an important part of the local landscape.