Wolverhampton's Locally Listed Buildings

The Triangle Snooker Club

Highfields Road, Bilston


Listing: Locally listed in 2004. Former cinema with striking red brick and terracotta shaped gable end.  Formerly the Queen's Picture House, opened in 1921, extended to provide a new entrance in the 1930s.  Landmark building.

Literature:  Ned Williams, Cinemas of the Black Country, Uralia Press, 1982, pp.86-87

Comment:  This cinema was originally built for Ernest Hall by Messrs Crewe of Dudley.  It opened on 17th October 1921.  There were 600 seats, all upholstered, including those in the "balconette" and there was an orchestra pit.  Some time in the late 1920s the cinema was acquired by Thomas Wood, whose flagship cinema was Wood's Palace in Bilston.  He was a leading light in the Bilston community, a councillor and, in 1935, Mayor of Bilston.  This was his Bradley venture at a time when the two communities of Bradley and Bilston were distinct, though under the same Borough Council.  In 1936 Wood leased it to Cyril Joseph who added the new foyer to the side, bricked up the original entrance to the front and changed the name from the Queen's Picture House to The Forum.  In 1957 the lease expired and a new lease was taken by Mr and Mrs Woodroffe, who also owned the Alhamabra in Bilston.  They stopped showing films in 1964 and the building became a bingo hall.  In more recent years it has became a billiards hall.

The building is certainly a large and dominant structure in Bradley with an interesting frontage - to which the large billboard does no favours at all - and it has an interesting place in the social history of Bradley.