Wolverhampton's Locally Listed Buildings

Waterloo Terrace

216 to 234 New Hampton Road East

Listing: Locally listed in 2004.  Large scale early Victorian stucco terrace, with carriage drive, entrance gates and piers, stone boundary wall to road.

Comment:  One would guess that this imposing terrace was built on a prime bit of land between the town centre and what is now West Park and was then probably still the race course.  It would have been high enough to be unworried by the marshy state of the race course but handy for the town, the countryside and the races.  It would have been occupied by a very high class of customer.  But then Wolverhampton's Victorian new town, New Hampton, was built just down the road and this may have done little for its status.  Certainly by the second half of the 20th century it was somewhat run down and the stucco peeling.  Various attempts at restoration provided some rather startling colour schemes, but not much else.  This latest version seems much more effective in all respects and this fine building looks as it ought to, dignified and imposing.