Wolverhampton's Locally Listed Buildings

The White Hart

Worcester Street

Listing: The White Hart public house, corner of Worcester Street and Little Brickkiln Street.

Comment:  An odd design in maroon-red brick with some blues, and stone dressings, on a darker brick base. Many features suggest A. T. Butler as the architect: the proportion and detailing of the Tudor style windows; the way the gables break through the eaves recalls the New Inn; the end chimney, with its top missing, in a canted projection on the corner recalls the Royal Oak; the stone plaque with the pub name is a common Butler feature. But the round tops to the gables with finials are an old-fashioned, Edwardian motif, and whole corner composition is loose and almost anarchic.

It does undoubtedly have architectural presence on its corner, and closes the nineteenth and early twentieth century development off well from the car parks and Ring Road to the south. On balance this is worth putting on the local list.