Wolverhampton's Locally Listed Buildings

Former institute

Wood Road, Tettenhall Wood

Listing: Locally listed in 2004.

Comment:   An inscription above the main entrance (just to the right of the projecting wing) says:  "Workmen's Institute 1893".  Tettenhall Wood was a late developing outlier of Tettenhall but held many large residences of rich people.  I do not know the history of this Institute but would guess that at least some of the locals (such as, at a guess, the Manders and the Loveridges) would have subscribed to its cost. 

In 2006 the old building was thoroughly restored and upgraded while a new extension was added to the left of the photo above and behind.  The extension looks good - it echoes the style quite clearly without slavishly imitating it.  Perhaps modern architects are good at fitting in with mock Tudor - there's another, and much bigger, and very good example at The Spinney (qv). 

Under the clock is a plaque saying "1956.  This clock was erected to commemorate the work of Councillor Miss Janet A. Jenks in this district". 

In the stone lintel above the main entrance door are these two carvings:


Presumably the owl represents Wisdom and the Squirrel represents something like Providing for the Future.  But note that it is the squirrel, not the wise old owl, which sits in the oak.  Who cares?  They are very nice, anyway.